Things to Do for the Bored, Voluntary Self Isolating.

Stuck at Home? What About All the DIY Projects You’ve Been Putting Off?

With the country on lock-down and advise from experts to stay at home, many of us are having more time on our hands with our usual leisure, and in many cases work, activities suspended. Rather than watching the full Netflix library why not take this time as an opportunity to do some work around the house or yard.

Now Might Be Time to Get Into Those Projects in the Yard, Patio, Deck, Pool…

Given the advice of medical professionals to get some sun, and the more temperate autumn weather it is particularly great time to get out into the garden to make a start on those landscaping projects that you have been thinking about doing but have not quite gotten around to yet.

If you are looking to upgrade your garden or outdoor space, then drainage is an important consideration to ensure that your hard work is not spoiled by poorly managed water egress

Don’t Forget the Drainage

So you have hoarded all the vegetable seedlings off Bunnings shelves, so how are you going to protect those suckers from getting washed away in the next big downpour?

In short, the key consideration in outdoor drainage is to consider the natural water egress and what this would look like with large amounts of water. It is particularly important to consider drainage in cases where you are working against nature such as terraces and retaining walls down natural embankments.

Outdoor drainage is not only required to prevent spoiling your gardens and making your lawns boggy, it is also required to keep water from entering your premises and preventing hard surfaces from becoming slippery and dangerous, thus drainage projects could also include the veranda, the pool, the driveway and so on.

The Veranda

Sure, we’d all love a pool on our verandah, but no one wants a makeshift wading pool that occurs with every substantial downpour. Fix your water woes with our stainless steel balcony drainage grates.

Perhaps your garden space is limited to the breadth of a balcony. No drainage? No worries!
At Auswave we provide linear drainage for verandah, patios and even rooftops, so all of these limited outdoor spaces can become your own miniature food forests.

The Pool

Whether your looking to landscape a new pool area, or just looking to re-lay the old pavers, this is the time to think drainage, not later. Help keep your pool surrounds safe and dry with our stainless steel pool grates.

The Driveway and Pathways

Face it, no one wants to be needing medical attention at this time, help prevent slippery hard surfaces and potential injuries by installing adaquate drainage.

Auswave Products for Outdoor Drainage Grates and Channels

At Auswave Products we supply only Australian made stainless steel drainage grates and troughs. Our grates are better by design and craftmanship to endure all our climate has to through at them.


No need to get off your sun lounge, contact our helpful team to get the ball rolling on your yard project today! All enquiries and orders for our outdoor drainage grates are placed over the phone or email to be shipped to your door!

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