Finally, a Better Drainage System Than Composites!

OUR Stainless – The Better Option To Composites Drainage Systems!

With manufacturing and exports from China crippled to the extent of composite and polymer concrete drainage products possibly being unavailable from next month, get ahead of the curve and enjoy all the benefits that our Australian made stainless steel drainage grates have to offer.

Why You Should Choose Stainless Steel for Civil and Outdoor Drainage

Stainless steel drain grates are synonymous with bathroom drainage, but are often overlooked for outdoor and civil applications, through simply a lack of awareness or perhaps misconceptions.

Here are just a number of reasons why you should choose our Australian made stainless steel drainage grates.

Our stainless steel drainage grates and channels…
  • Have an excellent strength to weight ratio
  • Meet Australian standards for load ratings
  • Do not require reinforcement
  • Are far cleaner and easier to clean and maintain
  • Are exceptional at handling solvents, cleaners, acids, antibacterials…and so on
  • Are easier to install
  • Are fully customisable right here for anywhere in Australia!
  • Are made in Australia!
  • Are the green alternative (The “p” in frp means “plastic”! – more on FRP here).
  • Are cheaper to transport than their composite counterparts thanks to their weight.
  • Green tag aligned

Also, they are…


To speak to the current issues in sourcing products from China, our products are available. AT this time our manufacturing processes are not impacted by social distancing. Furthermore, we have good supplies on hand. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to reasons why you should choose stainless.

Durable and cost effective

Stainless steel delivers superior value through its durability, not needing to be treated or replaced, unlike other materials.

Our stainless steel drainage grates offer the pinnacle of stainless steel durability thanks to our excellence in design and construction.

Low maintenance

Stainless steel is a corrosion resistant material. While this is true for other materials, such as the cheaper galvanised steel, stainless does not require treating to maintain this quality.

Stainless steel is also easy clean thanks to its non-porous nature as well as resistance to extreme heat and chemicals (a necessity in location where sanitisation is vital).


A quality that few drainage products can boast of, our stainless steel drainage grates lead the way when it comes to aesthetic appeal. That is why our product is even a foundational element of art installations and water parks around the world!

Looking for a Convenient Choice for Stainless Steel Outdoor and Civil Grating?

Like many of the composite trench drainage products currently on the market, our stainless steel trench drains are similarly available in modular components.

Introducing CLICK DRAIN ®

Modular Drainage Elements

CLICK DRAIN ® (more info here) is an innovative modular drainage system. Encapsulating twenty-one years’ worth of market research, CLICK DRAIN ® uses stainless steel and seamless technology to create high quality, sustainable, and of course, convenient options for trench drainage installation with unique ‘click’ together fittings.

With a variety of lengths (1, 2 or 3 meters as stock) in both 100mm and 200mm sections (including joiner sections, outlets sections, stop ends, and change of direction sections in both 45 and 90-degrees), CLICK DRAIN ® can accommodate even the most elaborate of drainage configuration.

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