Grating and Drain Cover Styles

Grates and drain covers are available in a wide range of styles, often related to the material that they are constructed of and its qualities. This means also that not all drain cover styles are universally applicable.

When it comes to stainless steel grating and drain covers, we supply three types, heelguard wedge wire grates (including slip resistant grating), tile insert grates and perforated pattern grates.

Grate Styles and Applications

Wedgewire Grates

Wedgewire linear grates are the great all rounder! This is a form of stainless steel bar grating that is constructed of v shaped bars and supporting cross members. The v shaped bars mean that there is reduced friction allowing any same-sized particles (as the grate aperture) to pass through more freely. While there are plenty of wedge wire grates on the market, ours feature more cross members than other, particularly imported, products, making for a stronger and more durable grate suitable for a vast range of applications.

Furthermore, our wedgewire grates are “heelguard”, meaning that they prevent toe entrapment, and of course, shoe heel entrapment. Not all grating satisfies this standard.

Our wedgewire heelguard grates offer great flexibility. From a domestic shower grate (see wedgewire grates) to civil applications with high volumes of pedestrian traffic (see heelguard), these grates are ideal for locations that demand strength and durability as well as a high visual appeal.

Wedgewire heelguard grates are suitable for drainage applications, but also for “grating” applications, such as stairs, platforms, walkways, entry mats and more.

As a drainage cover, our linear wedgewire grates are commonly used in:

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Tile insert Grates

Often referred to as a hidden shower grate, don’t think this means that it’s applications end there! Tile inserts are also a popular choice for thresholds, balconies, and, essentially, any tiled surface that requires drainage, be it residential or commercial.

Tile insert grates are a form of drain cover whereby a tile is placed in a central insert. Around the tile is a narrow opening for drainage. Once installed, a tile insert grate is barely distinguishable from the surrounding flooring. This makes them the perfect choice if you are seeking to hero your tiles or create the illusion of a seamless or expansive space such as for a balcony threshold drain, or a small bathroom.

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Perforated Pattern Grates

These are the budget, yet nonetheless decorative, choice in grates. Perforated pattern grates are a much simpler construction, featuring a sheet of stainless steel that is folded to fit in the drainage channel, and perforated for drainage. Available in a range of patterns and for either point or linear drains (not sure what we mean? Check out our page on drainage types), this type of grate is much narrower in its application as it simply does not possess the strength of the other grates to make it a suitable for civil applications.

With a maximum width of 100mm, perforated (or punch slot) grates are most commonly used in domestic showers or balconies.

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Looking for a Little Extra Pizazz?

Find out about our range of grate finishes here. With a plethora of options available, you are sure to find the right match for your design palette.

Decided on Your Drain Grate Style?

Contact us to discuss your drainage needs and cover style. Should your drainage needs be a little out of the box, no worries, with custom design and fabrication facilities, we can accommodate your needs.

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