Drainage Types

When it come to indoor drainage (particularly shower drainage) there are fundamentally two types available, point drains and linear drains.

Point Drainage

Point Drains are generally installed centrally within a shower or room, hence, many refer to this traditional type of drain as a “centre drain”

To achieve effective drainage, the surrounding flooring surface requires a slope from all sides, essentially gently funneling water into the drain.

Point drains offer a budget drainage solution, however, for the above reason are more involved to instal.

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Linear Drainage

Linear Drains are the trendy, “new-kid-on-the-block” when it comes to drainage types.

Unlike point drains, linear drains capture water along the length of a channel. To put this into perspective your catchment area goes from, say 100mm x 100mm to 100 mm x 900mm ( our shortest standard length of linear drain.).

Besides its stylish appearance, another appeal, of the many, of linear grates is in the creation of curbless or threshold-free showers. Given the length of linear grates, they can be installed along the entire length of the shower entry or furthest wall, meaning water flows (with either one or two slopes in the flooring) into the channel. In either case, water is being diverted away from the bathroom floor to the drain at either location.

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Are These Types of Drains Only for Bathrooms or Indoor Applications?

No, while the terminology way vary, the principles of how these types of drains work in an outdoor or civil application is the same.

While it is unlikely that you would use a 100 x 100mm point drain in an outdoor or civil drainage project, a stand alone storm water pit (drainage pit or sump pit), essentially works on the same principles – gently funneling water from all sides to a centrally located drain.

Linear drains essentially evolved from outdoor trench grating, long narrow drainage channels. While our stainless steel linear grates are a more attractive solution than plastic, FRP or gavlanized trench grates, they are no less capable of handling the job when it comes to civil and outdoor drainage

Still Undecided About Which Type of Drainage is For You?

Check out our article on Traditional Vs. Linear Drainage for a more indepth analysis of the pros and cons of these two drainage types

Point or Linear – The Drainage Pinnacle

There is a lot of variety within these two types of drain, Point drains, in particularly, come in an assortment of cover styles and materials.

Whether you are looking for a point drain or linear one, all our drains are fabricated from stainless steel, in Australia, with our commitment to quality in design and construction. Furthermore, we provide a range of drain grates and cover styles to satisfy your aesthetic preferences.

Should you require a bespoke drainage solution then, no worries, we also provide custom fabrication.

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