Stainless Steel Grate Finishes

Stainless steel grates, unlike many other types of grating materials or drain cover styles, are an attractive product in their own right, From stainless steel tile insert grates with their almost invisible appeal, perforated pattern grates with their, you guessed it, decorative patterns, to wedgewire wire with its elegant lines, the lustre of stainless steel is the common thread.

However, perhaps this is not where you are going with your design palate, or perhaps you need to demarcate drainage channels for safety purposes. Aesthetic or practical reasoning, grate finishes may be the choice for you!

Types of Stainless Steel Grate Finishes

There are a number of ways that our stainless steel grates can be finished. Namely plated, coloured or laser printed.

Plated Grates

Perhaps you are looking for a touch of opulence with gold, or maybe you are looking to match other fixtures with copper plating. Stainless steel grates can be plated with any number of metals.

Plated grates are not just used for shower grates, but can be used (within reason, meaning, with consideration of the plating material’s qualities and suitability in its intended environment) anywhere grates are used – water features, pools, gold plated grate stair treads anyone?

Coloured Grates

Coloured grates hold diverse appeal. On the one hand there are those that choose these grates for aesthetic reasons, for example, black shower grates being a popular choice. On the other hand you may have coloured grates on a factory floor to signify the final destination of the water flow, for example, the facility’s lawn sprinklers.

Printed Grates

The only limit is your creativity! Laser printed grates can be printed with just about anything – logos, illustrations, text, photos, optical illusions, and so forth.

Not restricted to shower grates, similarly to these other grate finishes, printed grates can essentially be used anywhere a grate is required, and hence, may be used for aesthetic purposes, marketing purposes (such as a grate entry mat printed with a logo, or informative or educational purposes (for example, used as a vessel for communicating that people dispose of litter responsibly),

Inspired by Grate Finishes?

From shower grates to civil and architectural grating, all can be enhanced by grate finishes. Contact our helpful team to discuss how you project needs and objectives.

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