Stainless Steel Platforms

Heelguard Platforms – Raising the Bar (Grating)!

Whether it is to reach those hard to access areas or make a show stopping statement, Auswave Products can help you elevate your platform to new heights!

Platforms have a range of practical and creative purposes, from mezzanines to industrial work platforms, staircase landings to walkways and catwalks. They can be made from various materials, both solid and perforated, such as fibreglass reinforced plastic, expanded mesh and mild steel grating. Depending on your application, there are pros and cons to each of these, and factors such as weight, durability, lifespan, application and aesthetics need to be taken into consideration.

We believe that only one type of grating embodies the strength and durability that platforms require, with the visual appeal that a number of spaces demand. Stainless steel is unsurpassed when it comes to both style and substance, combining high corrosion resistance and outstanding strength-to-weight ratios with the attractive lustre that stainless is known for. Our platform grating provides a safe surface for pedestrians or workers in places where water accumulates, as well as making for quick and easy cleaning procedures. Our grated platforms use our innovative Heelguard grating system and are available in a slip resistant finish – a must for areas with public access. All of these things contribute towards the long-term value of stainless steel and give it a wide appeal across a variety of industries.

Industrial Steel Platforms

Platform grating is most commonly used in industrial settings such as factories, oil rigs and manufacturing plants, and stainless steel platforms can safely assist workers to access tricky areas with ease. In these environments, safety is paramount and our grates provide a well-drained, hygienic area, compliant with industry OH&S standards. We use PAIGE STAINLESS HEELGUARD ® technology, ensuring a surface that help keep industrial stairs and work platforms accident free. The sleek looks of stainless steel also help to showcase your company’s finer points if you run viewing tours, for instance. Our grates make stunning mezzanine flooring, and we can also help with stairs, railings or ladders to turn a simple space solution into an architectural gem.

Stairs With Landings

Our stainless steel grating is a popular material for step platforms, as it allows water and debris to easily pass through. It can be combined with our custom stair treads to create functional, clean, safe and even dramatic access steps. It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor platforms and can go beyond the practical to become a design feature that matches platform steps to their surroundings, while being easily accessed and maintained. Additionally, our grates are safe for heels, making them ideal for municipal, corporate or domestic applications.

Walk bridges, Raised Walkways and Lookouts

In natural environments such as rainforests and coastal paths, walkways that blend with their surroundings and protect precious undergrowth are vital. Our raised platforms seamlessly blend, allowing the natural beauty of an area to shine, while protecting it from anything the elements (and the general public) can throw at it. The slip resistant Heelguard finish makes it safe for the public in areas where slippery accidents are not an option! As our 316-grade stainless steel is highly corrosion resistant, durable and strong, it is ideal for use near the ocean, where saline weathering is a major factor. For this reason, it’s also a popular choice for use in pontoons and jetties.

Take it to the Next Level With Auswave Products!

At Auswave Products, we can custom fabricate a platform to suit any requirement, and our team is dedicated to crafting stainless steel products that combine value for money with stunning visual appeal. Contact us to see how our stainless steel platforms can help you transform your space, simplify your life and raise you up to new heights!

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