Courtyard and Patio Drainage

Elegant Patio and Court Yard Drainage Solutions

From BBQs to birthday drinks, patios are imbedded in Australian culture. They are places where life happens—but as we know, ‘life’ can mean sudden downpours, slippery spillages or accidents with the blow up pool. Good drainage means less worry and more enjoyment, and when it comes to stylish and effective drainage solutions, we are here to help.

Linear Patio Drainage Systems

Linear (also called trench or channel) drainage consists of a drainage channel that collects water along its length. Contrary to what people might think, the presence of a drain doesn’t magically (or magnetically) attract water to it. The type of drain and how you position it is key. For effective drainage, water needs to be directed to the drain through (as a general rule) a 6mm drop for every metre. Unlike point drains, which require central placement for the water to flow to them from all directions, linear drains only require a single slope in the floor, meaning they can be installed on the edge of a space, giving them both a practical and an aesthetic edge.

Linear drains are a smart choice for paved areas, as they blend seamlessly with their surrounds, minimising costly underground pipework installation whilst delivering maximum surface drainage.

Courtyard and Patio Drain Grate Styles

Wedgewire Patio Grating

Our wedgewire grating can be tailored to suit any project or budget and offers durability, low maintenance and visual appeal. It melds seamlessly with any surrounding, adding a stylish finish when paired with any courtyard or patio setting. For high traffic areas where safety is paramount, wedgewire grating is also available with a slip-resistant heelguard finish.

Tile Insert Patio Drains

Tile insert drains are a discrete, elegant solution that (as the name suggests) combines both tile and drain to give an impressive and comfortable finish. They attach directly to the drain, channeling water via troughs on each side and feeding directly to the drain.

For thresholds where drainage is required, tile insert drains make a safe and accessible solution, as they allow for a seamless transition between your house and patio, whilst preventing water from entering indoor spaces. They are safe for wheelchairs, mobility scooters and crutches, as well as high heels, ensuring easy access for your guests, and allowing the party to continue uninterrupted.

Perforated Metal Patio Grates

Who said drains had to be boring? Make your drains a conversation starter with our perforated pattern grates! As well as providing the best products for long-term durability, we offer drain grates in a variety of shapes, sizes, patterns and designs.

Perforated pattern (or Punch Slot) grates are an attractive solution for surface drainage. They have a decorative screen that acts as the channel grating over the trench, creating a visual statement without sacrificing hygiene or effective drainage properties.

Linear Courtyard/Patio Grates by Auswave Products

Our products are Australian made and built to last, and we use the highest-grade stainless steel, with purities of 304 and 316. All materials have undergone strict testing to ensure they are the best on the market, and we’re proud to supply the highest quality at the lowest price. Unlike cheap imports with lower steel grades, our grates are designed to outlast and outperform the competition, with their strength, durability and visual appeal.

Patios are for enjoyment, relaxation and celebration, so don’t let undue water put a dampener on your fun! Contact our friendly team today to see how we can help with your courtyard or patio drainage needs.

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