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World Class Drainage Solutions for Our Capital City

Our capital city is built on efficiency, cleanliness and sleek elegance. As Canberra plays host to foreign dignitaries, VIPs and journalists, it is important to show our best angles at all times, right down to the drains. With our excellent reputation in stainless steel drainage, Auswave Products can help keep Canberra well drained, with style.

Drainage for Public Spaces

From lush parklands to tree-lined walkways, Canberra’s public spaces are a thing of beauty. When designing public areas, both performance and aesthetics are crucial, and nowhere is this more important than in our capital city, where elegance and ease of movement is key. The durability of our 304 and 316-grade stainless steel, coupled with sleek aesthetics makes it ideal for any public space where drainage is required, and we have also helped in the creation of walkways, tree grates and water features. Our linear surface drainage grates have a unique wedge wire design that allows water flow to be easily diverted, and the V-shape filters larger debris, while smaller particles are freely drained through the heelguard grate. This allows streets to remain clean and stormwater drains unpolluted.

Drainage for Hospitality

Canberra’s thriving hospitality sector requires drainage that keeps life in a busy political city flowing smoothly. Our stainless steel is adaptable to any space, and can be found in beer gardens, alfresco restaurants, bathrooms and commercial kitchens. Prioritising hygiene and efficiency doesn’t have to mean sacrificing aesthetic appeal, and our hand crafted, ASSDA accredited stainless steel grating brings a touch of elegance, while being easy to clean and meeting industry OH&S requirements. Our grating is flush with the ground, ensuring complete accessibility for all, and our Heelguard grates prevent high heels from becoming painfully wedged.

Drainage for Sporting Venues

As the home of the AIS, sport is a huge part of Canberra culture, and when it comes to sporting facilities and stadiums, drainage plays an important role. Our linear grates provide effortless drainage solutions for areas where water volume is high (such as public pools), and our Heelguard slip resistant finish prevents slippery accidents. We can also provide LED strip lights or coloured grate lighting to create stunning visual effects.

Drainage and Beyond for Government and Commercial Buildings

For public and commercial buildings, such as hotels and parliamentary offices, stainless steel adds a clean and contemporary touch. Our entry mats and threshold grates prevent dirt and water from entering a space, keeping things neatly presentable, as well as cutting cleaning costs and time spent on maintenance. In courtyards and balconies, linear grates are an attractive alternative to point drains, as they blend seamlessly and can be installed along the edges of a space, and our stair treads provide a safe and durable option for high traffic areas.

Why Auswave for Drainage Canberra?

At Auswave Products we use the finest quality, Australian made wedgewire grating, that is long lasting, visually appealing, safe and easy to clean. Though based in Sydney, we can be available onsite when required, and have a range of clients across Australia and beyond. We work closely with you to custom fabricate designs that suit your unique requirements and to ensure every need is met.

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