Shower Drainage Grate Installation – The How, Where and What.

How to Install a Shower Drainage Grate?

Installing a drainage grate is a simple exercise if the ground work is done properly, and indeed we mean ground work! To effectively drain away water the general rule of thumb when it comes to the gradient is 1 in 6, for every metre you have six millimetres in fall.

Obviously, tiling a floor with 6 mm drop for every metre is not everyone’s idea of easy (or fun), particularly when it comes to a point drain system wherein a slope is required from four angles. However, the task is made easier through the use of a linear drain, which, dependant upon its placement, may require only one or two slopes. More on this later…

As for the installation of the drain itself, there is really nothing that can go wrong when it’s fitted for its intended purpose. When it comes to point drains, they are simply embedded in the tiled areas, you won’t fit them upside down.

With any drain, be it a point or a strip drain, underneath there is something called a puddle flange.
The puddle flange is something that is installed in shower basins when the waterproofing is undertaken. It is an integral component to preventing water from making its way to porous ground, instead, water hits the puddle flange and goes down the drain. The spigot on the drain fits into the puddle flange – easy peasy!

What Mistakes Do People Make When Installing Drainage Grates in Their Shower?

As we touched on above, there are few things that can go wrong with installing drainage grates. If the gradient surround the drain is correctly prepared and the drain is installed level, which are jobs for you tiler and plumber, then you almost cannot go wrong.

An exception to this is when the drain grate is not installed as per its intended purpose, namely its water throughput capacities. All of our drains are based on six litres a second – this is sufficient for a regular shower, however, start introducing double shower heads and the drain is going to struggle (If you are looking for a custom drain grate solution for your shower, stay tuned for our upcoming article Custom Shower Drainage Solutions). This is not a case of product failure on behalf of the drain, but rather poor planning on behalf of the plumber.

Where Is the Best Place to Install Shower Drainage Grates?

Traditional shower drains (point drains) are generally installed reasonably central in the shower, requiring a slope from all four sides, this means a lot of calculating of angles and cutting of tiles.

Preparing to install a linerar shower grates is a simpler exercise, often requiring on two sides of slope, at most.

Where you install you linear grate is really a matter of personal choice. Commonly, linear shower grates are installed at the wall parallel to the shower entrance – this is the easiest job for your tiler, as it only requires one slope, as well as your plumber as the plumbing generally runs adjacent to the wall.
While more work is required, installing a linear grate at the shower threshold holds a number of advantages. Obviously this position requires two slopes, one within the shower, and one from the surrounding bathroom floor, but this also means that not only is shower floor drained, but the surround bathroom floor also. Another advantage to installing the linear grate at the shower threshold, and perhaps the bigger one, is that eliminates the need for a raised threshold. This makes it the perfect location in bathrooms (residences or facilities) servicing people with mobility difficulties, be it elderly, injured, or disabled people.

Looking to Install the Best Drain in Your Bathroom?

As we have discussed, with the right preparation, installing a shower drain is not rocket science. However, unless you have a particular penchant for installing shower drains, then it is in you best interest to install one that is designed to last! At Auswave Products we supply premium Australian made stainless steel shower grates that are durable by material, design and construction.

Whether you are after a point drain, linear drain, or a custom solution, do not hesitate to give our helpful team a call!

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