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Auswave Products for Safe Sidewalks and Surfaces

Ensuring safe footpaths and walk surfaces is a concern for anyone constructing a facility for public access, staff access and even owners of residential rental properties for their tenants’ sake. At Auswave Products we supply a range of products, for drainage and beyond, that facilitate safe pavements and other walk surfaces.

What Causes Slips, Trips and Falls?

The likelihood of slips, trips and falls is the result of a number of factors, such as contaminants, the flooring surface itself, cleaning, obstacles and hazards, the environment (including lighting), the activity being performed on the flooring, and more.

Slips commonly occur when grip is lost between the shoe/foot and the floor, contaminants usually playing a pivotal role, as of course, does the flooring surface.

Trips happen when someone’s foot hits a low obstacle causing their loss of balance. Such obstacles may not be easily noticed or obvious.


Contaminants are defined as anything that ends up on a floor. this includes the obvious, water and oil, as well as perhaps the less, dust, metal shavings, plastic bags, banana peels etc. Preventing floor contaminants is one of the best ways to prevent slips.

Floor Surfaces

In some cases a flooring surface may have insufficient grip to prevent slipping, particularly when they become wet. The type of activity being performed on the flooring surface is obviously an important consideration.

Obstacles and Other Trip Hazards

These include things such uneven edges of flooring, covers or gratings, cables, tree roots, loose mats or carpet tiles, and more. All of these things can make for trip hazards.

How Can Auswave Products Help You Achieve Safe Walk Surfaces?

We provide a number of products that assist in the prevention of slips, trips and falls*. These range from drainage grates that help to keep your surfaces free of contaminants, to slip resistant grates, to a range of other products that help prevent trip hazards.

Heelguard Grates

Available as linear drainage grates (thus providing trench drainage for flooring surfaces), or as grate floor tiles (perfects as a well drained flooring surface – see floor grates), heelguard grates are ideal for a range of civil applications. Beyond providing efficient drainage (thus reducing the risk of slips), heelguard grates are also specifically designed to prevent toe entrapment, or heel entrapment, therefore reducing the risk of injury associated with these things.

Slip Resistant Grates

Slip resistant grates are bead blasted heelguard grates, providing additional grip for surfaces that require it.

Electrical Cable Ducts

Beyond being a trip hazard, electrical cables across a floor are an unnecessary eyesore. Electrical cable ducts allow cables to be channeled through conduit below ground, presenting as a flush channel from above.

Access Covers

Access Covers are used to access subsurface facilities, however, frequently, they themselves become a trip hazard with broken or ill fitting lids. Auswave Products’ access covers are custom made to fit the pit and are “infill” style, meaning that the cover is a narrow frame that is filled with the same flooring material as the surrounding flooring, this means an access cover that is flush with the surrounding flooring.

Tree Grates

Trees go a long way towards the feel of a space, be it a street, a shopping centre, mall and so forth. However, tree roots can pose a nasty trip hazard. Rather than embracing the “concrete jungle” look, tree grates can be used to prevent such a hazard These custom grates are installed around the tree base, doing more than just protecting pedestrians, but also the tree itself.

Entry Mats and Threshold Grates

Entry mats and threshold grates are installed in doorways. Entry mats are commonly used in high volume public spaces, replacing carpet door mats with a grate mat which, rather than absorbing water, drains it, and dust, away.
Threshold grates are more residential in their use (though not exclusively), eliminating the need for a raised threshold at a door way to prevent the encroaching of water into an indoor space. These are a linear drainage channel installed at a doorway generally paired with French or bi-fold doors.

In the case of both entry mats and threshold grates these products prevent slips, by draining contaminants, and trips, by eliminating the need for an obstacle, be it a raised mat or raised threshold, providing a level entryway.

*It should be noted that although these products can be used to prevent trips, slips and falls, they are not a standalone solution. Products need to be placed in the right location (particularly drainage products, with a consideration of hydrology), for the right application, installed correctly, and coupled with a responsible cleaning and maintenance schedule.

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