Drainage Grate Fails

What to Do When Drainage Grates Fail

Okay, perhaps you were expecting to see all manner of darkly funny pictures of people hurting themselves in drainage grates… sorry to mislead you. In this article we look at what to do when drainage grates fail.

Now, we will start by saying that we provide durable and long lasting stainless steel grates. Stainless steel, the alloy itself does not breakdown in its natural environment. Our grates also benefit from quality design and construction, a place where other brands are let down.

So perhaps you went the cheap and nasty, and now your grate has rusted, warped, cracked, snapped, or is suffering from some other condition affecting its safety, look, strength or functionality. So, you may be asking…

Can I Replace My Broken Drain Grate With Another Brand of Grate?

Unfortunately, you cannot. The shower drain fraternity has different depth sizes, you name it, everyone makes them so they’re not interchangeable. Similarly, all our product is not interchangeable with anything else. Most of the generic products are unlikely to be interchangeable either – each brand will be different.

The moral of the story = buy good quality drainage grates to begin with or you will be stuck replacing s dodgy grate with the same dodgy brand of grates.

Looking to do it right from the get go? Contact our helpful team to get the best grate for the job!

So, what if the grate is not the problem? Hence…

Help, the Tile in My Tile Inset Grate Has Broken! Do I Just Need a New Tile? or Do I Need a New Grate?

That’s your choice, you can replace the tile if you find a tiler wants to chizel out the rest of the tile out of the insert or you can buy a new insert and put fresh tiles in it. Again, consumers to choice,

This is typically not an issue with the drain, it’s the tile that’s broken. It doesn’t mean you need to replace the housing, however, it may be more efficient to do that.

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So, now what if your grate is fine, and its not a matter of a broken tile either…

We Keep Getting Complaints About Women Getting Theirs Heels Caught in the Drain Grate – What Can We Do?

Invest in some Heelguard grates, as it does not sound like you have chosen the right grate for your location , Heelguard grates are ideal for commercial and public spaces as they are specifically designed to prevent toe, and shoe heel, entrapment, thanks to the very narrow aperture between the grills.

Keen to find out more about heelguard grates – find out more here!

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Whether you have a drainage grate fail and are looking to start again, or you are looking to get the right grate for you needs from the start, contact our helpful team to discuss your project!

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