Shower Drain Cleaning and Maintenance

Shower Grate Cleaning Made Easy With Stainless Steel Grates

Let’s face it, cleaning a shower is very few peoples’ ideas of fun, from scrubbing grout to keep mould at bay, scrubbing away soap scum and cleaning and polishing glass shower screen, it can be an arduous and endlessly recurring task!

Luckily, with the right choice of shower drain, this need not add to this already lengthy shower cleaning process, Stainless steel drainage grates provide an easy clean drainage solution, requiring neither effortful scrubbing, nor caustic or specialised cleaning products.

How Frequently Do I Need to Clean My Stainless Steel Shower Grate?

Depends on how hairy you are! No, seriously, some people wash their dogs or cats in the shower. Some people have long hair and some people short. Big families, small families… etc. Lots of variables.

One thing that is certain is that if you have a linear shower grate, given that it is a larger surface area than a point drain, obviously it will take a longer time to become clogged, which may mean you clean it less frequently… this depend on whether you are a “maintenance” cleaner or a “necessity” cleaner.

How Do I Clean My Shower Drain?

Stainless steel shower drain cleaning really comes down to common sense. You’re not going to use a wire brush for instance. To generalize, clean as you would clean your shower facility generally… warm soapy water..

While it is not possible if your drainage cover is fixed, our drainage covers are removable (be it a linear drain, point drain, wedgewire, perforated metal or tile insert), so maintenance is to pull them out once every month, pull the inserts out. so you’re just left with the tray. Give it a clean to remove any soap scum, hair, or whatever else that, over time, gets stuck in the tray, Simply give the tray a bit of a hose down while you’re in the bathroom. So that’s about the biggest maintenance regime.

Hate Blocked Drain Pipes? Don’t We All!

While little is able to make its way through a wedgewire grate (of the unwanted stuff, not water, of course), all our drains are available available with a strainer basket in the outlet. This means, not only is very little able to get into your pipes which could otherwise clog them, very little is able to make its way into our waterways. Environment? Tick!

Looking for Easy to Clean and Maintain Shower Grates?

Look no further! Our stainless steel grates not only make shower drain cleaning and maintenance simple and easy, they are durable and long-lasting. Contact us to find out more!

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