Choosing the Best Drain for Your Shower

How to Choose the Best Drain for Your Shower

Are you planning to build or renovate a bathroom? Before you get too far down the track with your purchases, you ought take a moment’s thought about the type of drain that you are going to use to ensure you are choosing the right one for your shower.

As small and insignificant as they may seem, drain grates have a huge impact on your flooring, the type of tiles you can use, and the necessary preparation required for effective drainage.

While there may seem to be an exhaustive variety of shower drain grates, beyond their cosmetic differences, there are really only two types, point drains and linear drains.

Point drains are likely the variety you are more familiar with, say, a 100mm square (or round) drain cover, generally centrally located in the shower. The surrounding flooring sloping from four sides to gently funnel water into the drain.

Linear drains, also referred to as line drains or strip drains, as the name suggests, are long and narrow. This allows for greater flexibility when it comes to the location. Available in a range of lengths, linear drains are most commonly placed along a wall of a shower, meaning only a singular slope is required for effective drainage (although, placing the drain at the shower threshold, while requiring a second floor slope, does afford one the privilege of a “threshold free” shower.).

Like Big Tiles? Then Linear Drains Are the Choice for You!

One of the biggest impacts linear drains have had on bathroom design is the flexibility that they permit in your choice of tiles. As we touched on above, point drains require the surrounding floor funnel water into the drain, this means a slope from all four sides, thus making the use of large tiles inadvisable.

Conversely, linear drains generally only require one slope for efficient drainage, so small tiles or big tiles, the choice is yours!

So, if you would like large tiles in your shower, which is frequently the case with those going for the “seamless look” with the same tiles on both shower and bathroom floor, or if you simply prefer to have fewer nooks and crannies of grout to scrub, then linear drains are the pick for you.

Drainage Grates – Substance and Style!

Think this is the only effect drainage grates can have on the look of your bathroom? Think again, our stainless steel grates are available in a range of drain cover styles and finishes that can further compliment or enhance the other design aspects of your bathroom!

Looking to Hero Your Tiles – Then Tile Insert Shower Grates Are for You!

Tile insert drain grates provide a discrete drainage solution, Fundamentally, this type of drainage grate looks barely different from the surround likes, but for a narrow strip of stainless steel. Rather than feature a grate as such, tile insert grates feature a central frame in which the tiles is inserted, water then drain through a narrow opening surrounding the tile insert. This is a drainage cover style available for both linear and point drains.

Embrace Your Drain With Wedgewire Linear Grates

Linear wedgewire grates hero the stainless steel grating. Unlike utilitarian but often ugly industrial grates, stainless steel linear wedgewire grates add an attractive feature to your shower. Furthermore, optional finishes are available to further suit your tastes – plating, printing and colours.

One of the many benefits of our wedgewire grates is that they are particularly strong, making them the ideal choice for public facilities.

Get the Decorative Edge With Pressed Metal Grates

Pressed metal grates, also known as perforated metal grates or punch slot grates, offer a decorative finish to your drain cover, available in a range of different patterns.

While still fabricated from stainless steel, as a folded sheet of stainless steel with holes in it, these grates do not possess the strength of wedgewire grates, but they also come a a much cheaper price.

Decided on the Right Grate for Your Shower?

If you have decided upon the type of drain and grate/cover style for your shower, contact us to ensure you get the best quality drainage grates you can. At Auswave Products we supply Australian made stainless steel grates that are superior by design and construction to other products on the market.

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