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Backyard Pools – An Australian Way of Life

What better way to enjoy Australian summers than with a backyard pool and deck? From Sunday BBQs to poolside parties, they speak to our Australian way of life. If you’re thinking of building a pool and deck in your property, it’s worth considering your options around the following:

Outlook, Spatial and Aesthetic Relationship to the House

When placing a pool, connection is the first thing to consider. Having a strong spatial relationship between the pool, house and landscaping amenities encourages functional utility. When outdoor amenities like bars, fire pits and seating areas are designed to be physically close to each other, it adds coherence, wholeness and efficiency to the design. To further reinforce connection and coherence, consider choosing materials and colours that fit well with each other, ensuring an aesthetically pleasing and stylish experience. 

Budget, Climate, Materials and Safety

Two limiting factors are budget and local climate. This is why building pool and outdoor amenities close together is a good idea, as it reduces materials and building costs. Local climate also plays a role in determining which materials you choose, as exposure to hot sun, extreme winds, chlorine and rain ensure the need for weather-resistant materials. As well as this, decking materials need to be safe for when people are walking barefoot around the pool. To further enhance safety, walking surfaces need to be slip resistant. 

Every pool in Australia needs to comply with laws governing pool safety. Australian pool safety standards set out regulations for barriers (height and strength), mandatory non-climbable zones, gates and their latching, preventing direct access from a building into a pool area. It is important to check in on the latest regulations and standards while working out the design requirements of your pool.

Fences, Fixtures and Fittings

Choosing the right fences, fixtures and fittings can be key to a successful pool design. Effective pool deck drainage enhances the safety and usability of the deck, and Auswave can help you design superior drainage solutions that adhere to the safety regulations, match design aesthetics, are fit-for-purpose and perform well over time.

Why Auswave Products?

At Auswave, we have a large range of drainage products to choose from. No matter the shape, size or aesthetic of your pool and deck, we have an option for you. We recommend our unique CLICK DRAIN ® system for outdoor pool decks. This linear drainage system is modular and flexible and can be appropriated as desired, for simple and/or complex pools. It is designed for efficient installation and a seamless finish.

If you have a bespoke need, custom fabrication is for you. Our linear wedgewire grates are sleek, narrow, and elevate the aesthetics in any situation. Combined with our ability to custom build drains, grates and channels, complex shapes with curves and bends, and/or sharp acute or obtuse angles, we can accommodate any backyard situation. 

Auswave Products’ designs are elegant and effective. Made in Australia, our products guarantee superior looks and performance, no matter how harsh the weather and usage conditions. 

So, if you are in the market for superior stainless steel drainage grates for your pool area, give us a call!

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