Trends in Landscape Design

Time for Something New

Are you thinking of getting stuck into a new landscaping project? If so, winter is the perfect time to start, as the cooler temperatures and warm, sunny days make it easy to work outdoors. The health benefits of outdoor lifestyles are becoming increasingly clear, and natural features and landscaped settings in urban areas are known to reduce stress and improve physical health and mental wellbeing. Gardens and plants help to keep us healthy and happy, and prioritising time spent amongst them feels vital.

Trends in Residential Landscapes 

If you are looking at designing a neat, landscaped area in your home, it’s a good idea to get your head around current trends. For instance, lawns and pools are getting smaller, and there is increasing focus on bio -diverse planter beds with indigenous species that attract native birds and wildlife. ‘Foodscapes’ or permaculture-based edible gardens are also becoming popular, as they promise a sense of food security. 

Trends in Urban Design and Planning

From a public health point of view, street trees, green roofs, community gardens, parks, open spaces and extensive connective pathways for walking and biking hold immense value. Such urban design provisions yield direct ecological benefits and ecosystem services. Integrating nature into architecture, infrastructure, and public spaces is more important than ever, as we know that the road to sustainable urban development is heavily lined by nature. 

Ensuring Seamless Landscape Designs

When such heavy expectations are piled on to our landscaped spaces, how can we ensure that function and flow are not compromised? Reliable, efficient and aesthetically pleasing hardware is key, and drainage is a vital component in any landscape design. Auswave has a huge range of products to suit your design, from both a functional and an aesthetic point of view. Our stainless steel drainage products can be customised to match your design aesthetic, ensuring a high quality finish and a low maintenance future. Give us a call to discuss how we can bring some pizzazz to your next landscaping project!  

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