Pit Lids

Attractive Access Covers

Below our feet, a network of subsurface facilities meanders, largely unnoticed. Cable connections, pipework, junctions and filtration, all hidden discretely by manhole covers, lids and grates. Pit lids (or access covers) are used for any subsurface material or liquid that needs to be contained and maintained. This might be streetscapes, shopping centres, sports venues, swimming pools, ducting trenches, electrical areas and more.

Access Pits

Access pits provide easy and efficient access (you may have guessed) to underground utilities, such as cable, water and sewer. Our products take it a step further, providing a clean and attractive looking floor finish that protects your valuable assets, while being durable and tough, and allowing for easy maintenance. We manufacture a large range of standard, as well as custom sizes for the civil, electrical, plumbing and drainage markets, and our access pits and covers have been used for a variety of projects, including acclaimed civil engineering projects and urban access cover upgrades. Our covers are equipped with a rubber seal that prevents water from passing between the cover and frame ‘(or offensive odours from wafting out).

Electrical Cable Pits

Electrical cable pits are positioned along cable routes to provide branching points, or to allow access for jointing or maintenance. Cables often routed through pits include data and communication fibre optics and low voltage electrical wiring, and are used in a variety of locations such as footpaths, train platforms, airports and industrial facilities. Unlike drainage pits, the ultimate priority is keeping things watertight, and our covers ensure your electricals are safe and protected from the elements. Our stainless steel lids offer a discrete and flexible solution to subsurface cable installation, and we supply a range of sizes, lengths, load ratings and cover styles to suit your needs. Our cable ducts also feature lockable lids; ensuring access to authorised personnel only.

Sump Pits

A drainage pit (also called a sump pit or sump box) is a basin in the ground used for water and fluid drainage. They can also collect undesirable liquids such as water or chemicals, and can be used as an infiltration basin. Collecting and filtering waste is vital for keeping industrial pollution at bay, and we supply heelguard sump pit covers in a variety of sizes and grades for both domestic and industrial applications (such as groundwater, storm water and grey water management). Our sump covers are also available in a slip resistant finish, making them ideal for workplaces and areas frequented by the public, and the sheen of stainless steel turns even the most practical (and practically ugly) of industrial products into objects of beauty.

Why Auswave?

Stainless steel is long lasting, hygienic and easy to maintain, as well as offering great strength to weight ratio and being aesthetically pleasing. Unlike some other materials it won’t crack or corrode, meaning less time and money spent on maintenance, and increased safety. At Auswave, we use a full CAD drafting system, so can custom make access pits and covers to suit any need. Basically, if you are looking for sump-thing grate, our stainless steel is the answer!

Poorly performing products are the pits, so give us a call today, to see how we can help with all your access cover needs!

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