Industrial Grates: Stainless Steel Drainage Grates in Sydney and Surrounds

Stainless steel is strong, durable and resistant to corrosion, making stainless steel grating the preferred flooring for many industrial facilities in Sydney. It is able to hold heavy equipment, personnel and products while providing drainage. Furthermore, it remains clean and is low maintenance.

At Auswave Products, we offer a range of grating solutions to fit your industrial drainage and flooring needs!

Types of Industrial Grating

Four main types of grating are commonly used in industrial settings:

  • Welded Steel Grating: The cheapest option, Welded Steel Grating is made by fusing bearing and cross bars together using electricity.
  • Pressure locked grating: We offer a wide range of bearing and crossbar spacing. Narrow spacing for greater support or broader spacing to allow more unwanted debris to pass through.
  • Riveted grating: Because of its flatness, Riveted grating is the most comfortable underfoot. Additionally, it is among the strongest types of grating, making it good for areas requiring vehicles access.
  • Aluminium Plank Grating: A popular product given its cheaper price, light weight and non-magnetic qualities. However, in terms of lifespan and strength, it does not compare to its high quality stainless steel counterparts.

Where can Stainless Steel Industrial Grates be Used?

Given the strength and durability of stainless steel, stainless steel industrial grates have greater a number of applications than simply as a drain covering. Our high quality industrial grating can also be used to construct stairs, walkways, ramps, floor vents and beyond!

Do you Need Industrial Floor Grating?

One of the most commonly used application of our industrial grates is a a flooring option. While solid flooring has its advantages, if good ventilation and the flow of light and sound is something you require, then industrial grating is the choice for you.

Grates are also ideal for industrial facilities where the following is required:

  • Drainage of liquids or debris
  • Slip resistant flooring
  • A strong strength-to-weight ratio
  • Unusually shaped rooms
  • A more affordable flooring option

Also, because it is easy to install, and light-weight, grating is a popular choice for catwalks.

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Heelguard stairs and floor grills

The history of grates

Grating originated more than a century ago, providing one of the best flooring choices in many industrial factories and buildings. Metal grates comprise mostly of any number of parallel “bearing bars”. They are intersected with “crossbars”, holding and giving additional support to the bearing bars. The resulting grid-like sheet of material allows light, heat, air, water, sound and small debris to pass through without interruption, while providing a stable, solid surface. This makes it ideal for flooring, walls and a multitude of other applications.