Heel Guard Style Grating Applications

Heel Guard Style Grating: the Ideal Choice for Sydney Grates

In our increasingly environmentally-aware society, heel guard style grates offers an eco-friendly option for Sydney homes and businesses.

While still providing an efficient and long lasting drainage solution, HEELGUARD grating is specially engineered to prevent heels from becoming wedged in grates.

Additionally, its ultra small holes mean that even the most curious of small children cannot get their fingers stuck. And, cigarette butts and other small debris is unable to pass, preventing it from ending up in our waterways.

Commercial Applications for Heel Guard Style Grating in Sydney

A plethora of Sydney businesses use, and LOVE, HEELGUARD grating systems! Particularly restaurants, who install them back-of-house, making for a safe, easy to clean drainage solution, particularly in a dish-washing area.

Heel guard style grating not only allows water to flow freely, it is also great for ventilation systems, allowing air to move freely throughout even the biggest of commercial buildings.

Residential Applications for Heel Guard Grating in Sydney

Because of its ability to create breathtaking designs, Sydney’s professional bathroom designers also love our HEELGUARD grates!

Not only are they far more versatile than traditional low-point drains, Our heel guard style grating is both easier to use in construction and more attractive. All the while, a fully functional domestic drainage choice.

Home kitchens can also benefit from the use of this grating. Why not install one on your kitchen bench top for ultra attractive and practical dish drying?

If you have an outdoor pool, increase your safety and reduce your maintenance, by capturing your overflow with heel guard style grating

Industrial Uses for HEELGUARD Grating in Sydney

The construction industry get the most benefit out of heel guard grates. Grating is vital in many industrial facilities, as water and other debris is usually common. Heel guard grates are the preferred choice by many construction companies throughout Australia, because they are just so effective.

Heelguard is also the perfect partner for landscaping projects to create a modern and attractive look.

Check out our HEELGUARD page to find out more!

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Wheelchair compliant AS1428.2 (part 2 clause 9C)

Cycle safe AS 3996 (clause 3.3.6)

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