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Heel Guard Grating: The Ideal Choice For Sydney Grates

Heel guard is one of the most progressive drain grate innovations in recent years. The drain is highly efficient in draining large volumes of water, while ensuring small debris is left behind rather than ending up in our precious waterways.

HEELGUARD grates are the smart choice for Sydney businesses and home owners, who enjoy the benefits of these durable and effective drainage grills, with an eco-friendly edge.

Another obvious benefit, as its name suggests, is the heel “guarding” qualities that these grates posses. The narrow openings that HEELGUARD grates feature prevent heels, and other small things (like children’s fingers) from getting stuck.

HEELGUARD grates present a safe and comfortable walking surface, whatever your footwear, including none at all!

Commercial Application for Heel Guard Grating in Sydney

One of the most commonly associated applications of HEELGUARD grating is as linear drain covers in busy public areas, such as malls, shopping centres, and inner city pavements. However, the commercial applications for this product is much broader in scope.

HEELGUARD is frequently used for entry mats in office buildings and shopping centres, tree grates (tree surrounds) in both indoor and outdoor locations, floor ventsaccess covers, and even as a complete flooring system.

HEELGUARD floor grates are a common feature back-of-house in Sydney restaurants, providing a well drained and slip resistant surface, particularly in dish washing areas. For these very same reasons, HEELGUARD floor grates are commonly used for outdoor walk bridges and around public pools, water features and at water parks.

HEELGUARD grates are used by a variety of commercial businesses as well as councils.

Residential Applications for Heel Guard Grating in Sydney

While heel safety is rarely a concern when it comes to domestic drainage, HEELGUARD grates are nonetheless frequently used in domestic settings. Bathroom designers and architects alike prize heel guard grates for their functionality, durability, and aesthetic appeal.

Linear HEELGUARD grates are installed in many Sydney residences, and their applications are vast, including showers, bathrooms, laundries, driveways, poolside, at thresholds, and on flat roofs. Additionally HEELGUARD floor grates can be used for entire balconies and private pontoons.

For the added aesthetic dimension, grates can be plated, coloured and even printed!

Industrial Applications for Heel Guard Grating in Sydney

There is a gamut of reasons why HEELGUARD grates are the chosen drainage cover for many Sydney industrial businesses. Beyond being durable and tough enough to withstand the conditions that many of these facilities produce (corrosion resistant, impact resistant, temperature resistant), HEELGUARD grates provide a safe, slip-resistant surface for workers.

HEELGUARD grates are not only used in industrial setting as a drainage cover, but also for rampsstairsplatforms and walkways. Being fabricated from closely positioned stainless steel bars, HEELGUARD provides an easy-clean material, an essential quality for abattoirs, food and beverage manufacturing and pharmaceutical plants.

Additionally, HEELGUARD grates are often coloured or printed for symbolic purposes, to indicate safety concerns, water flow outlet destinations and so on.

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