HEELGUARD Grates Sydney

Looking for Drain Grates that are Safe for Heels in Sydney?

Face it, historically heels and drain grates are not BFFs! Thanks to our HEELGUARD grates (aka stiletto saviour!), this is a thing of the past!

At Auswave Products’ we are proud to supply Sydney and surrounding areas with drainage grates that are both fit for purpose, as well as being safe on heels.

Heel safe heelguard

Introducing Auswave Products’ Revolutionary HEELGUARD Grates Sydney!

Our ground-breaking grating system has been constructed especially for public areas that have pedestrian access. They are perfectly suited to public spaces, such as public plazas, railway stations, outdoor malls or streetscapes.

HEELGUARD Grates are a form of stainless steel bar grating that has such a narrow opening that heels, fingers, paws and so on, are prevented from getting caught. All the while, they effectively drain fluids.

Beyond being heel safe, our stainless steel HEELGUARD wedgewire grates offer other safety benefits to Sydney pedestrians and thus property owners (for example, councils or commercial business operators) and developers. These advantages include:

Effective Drainage Solution

Providing non-stop drainage, making them useful in all outdoor areas, especially those that receive a high amount of rainfall.

Slip Resistant

Our stainless steel drain grates have been created in a grid form with a slip resistant finish, providing an easy-to-walk-on surface (see slip resistant grating).

Heavy Duty

Auswave Products’ HEELGUARD gratings are designed to withstand high volumes of foot traffic and the test of time. They will not rust and crack like inferior grates.

HEELGUARD is designed and constructed with safety in mind, preventing heels from getting stuck, and minimizing the risk of slips, trips and falls.

Where to use HEELGUARD Grates in Sydney?

We recommend our grates for:

Commercial Applications

Sydney restaurants and commercial kitchens benefit particularly from HEELGUARD, as it keeps kitchen and wait staff safe, while also reducing cleaning time – win-win!

Outdoor Drainage

Insufficient Drainage in outdoor spaces can have nasty consequences, such as damaging landscape spaces, saturating soils, attracting insects, and even eroding concrete and foundations.

Heelguard grates provide a non-clogging, continuous drainage solution, capable of draining large volumes of water. This makes them ideal for parks and recreational precincts, public and private gardens, pedestrian walkways and uncovered shopping strips.

Residential Drainage

Even Sydney home-owners enjoy the many benefits that our grates have to offer, using them both for their functional, as well as aesthetic qualities. Not restricted to bathrooms and showers, our grates feature also in kitchens – less for their heel-safe properties and more for the attractive functional feature that they provide, for example, counter-top drainage.

Auswave Products’ HEELGUARD Grates provide an effective drainage product for a number of Sydney business and residences, and particularly in civil settings providing a safe floor grate solution, preventing wedged heels, trips, slips and falls.

Custom HEELGUARD Grates Sydney

At Auswave Products’ we recognize that there are many variables when it comes to drainage, that’s why we offer customizable solutions:

Our HEELGUARD grates are available in:

  • Three different width options: 50, 100 and 130mm
  • Options for single or multiple outlets.
  • Modular sections, including angles (45 and 90 degree bends) and end caps – see CLICK DRAIN ®.
  • Full custom options, including curved grates. Any design can be constructed, including channels, drains, gullies, grates, trenches or grills – see Custom Grates.

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Wheelchair compliant AS1428.2 (part 2 clause 9C)

Cycle safe AS 3996 (clause 3.3.6)

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