Modern Trends in Shower Drain Styles

Welcome to the Fantastic World of Modern Shower Grates!

Shower design has come a long way in the past 50 years. Whether because of trends or mere product availability, today’s shower designs offer a refreshing change to some of the bathroom abominations of old. Not only have we upgraded from the peach tiles and (mostly) from the oft less-than-functional shower curtain, so too have trends changed in the shower drainage department.

Once upon a time, shower grates were frequently restricted in their style by the favoured prefabricated shower pans they were paired with. However, as tiled shower bases have made a resurgence, the options for different shower grate styles have increased, moving away from circular point drains to square and linear grates, including the unique tile insert style shower grate.

Functional AND Fabulous!

Like overall trends in bathroom design, there has been an increasing shift from seeing bathroom drainage as a purely functional aspect. More and more shower drainage is becoming an opportunity for aesthetic expression as well. Luckily for modern consumers, there is no need to compromise on either of theses often equally weighted concerns. Modern shower drainage truly offers the best of both worlds with efficient drainage capabilities and attractive solutions.

What’s New in Shower Drain Design?

Shower grates and drain covers are now available in wider range of styles than ever before. Not only is there now the choice between point drainage (generally centrally located in the shower) and, the increasingly popular style of, linear drainage (a trench drainage system allowing greater flexibility of placement), there is also a broad range of choices of material and grate / drain cover styles.

Shower Drain Cover Materials

When it comes to drain cover materials, there are options to suit all manner of budgets, from PVC to chrome and even the options of gold plating.

At Auswave Products we supply stainless steel shower drainage covers and grates. Stainless steel is a strong and durable material for shower drainage. Our 304 or 316 grade stainless steel grate and drain covers resist temperature, chemicals and, of course, rust. Given the almost tropical conditions of the shower environment (cue palm tree images now), it is also notable that stainless steel is easy-clean and does not provide a porous surface that promotes mould growth like some other drain cover materials

Shower Drain Cover Styles

As far as drain cover styles go, some of the more popular modern styles include perforated metal, wedgewire and tile insert style.

At Auswave Products, we supply all three style:

Perforated Metal Grates:

Otherwise known as pressed metal grates or punch slot grates. Perforated pattern grates provide a decorative and easy-to-clean drain cover solution for either a point or channel drains.

Wedgewire Linear Grates:

Wedgewire grates are a form of fine bar grating. An elegant finish to any bathroom, these grates can be further enhanced with additional decorative finishes such as gold or chrome plating, colours, and even laser printed designs.

Tile Insert Shower Grates:

Tile insert shower grates, like these other grates, are fabricated from stainless steel. However, instead of a grill or perforated cover, a tile is placed at the centre of the grate and water drained via narrow slits down the side of the tile insert. This makes for a discrete form of drainage. Available in both point and linear styles, tile insert grates make for a drain cover that is barely distinguishable from the surrounding tiled surface.

Does Your Shower need a Freshen up?

Auswave Products supply quality, Australian made stainless steel shower drain covers and grates for the domestic and commercial market. Our products, including custom made solutions, can be found in houses and hotels nationwide. Keen to get on the bandwagon? Contact our helpful team today!

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