Outdoor Drainage – Residential and Civil

The Necessity of Outdoor Drainage

Are you thinking about installing an outdoor drainage system on your property? An outdoor drainage system is useful if natural egress of water is being interrupted on your site. Buildings, pathways, roads, driveways, patios etc, increase impervious surfaces on properties. When site contours and hydrology has been altered due to civil and/or building works, water courses can change. This happens because water’s natural course has been blocked by a built-up structure. The added impervious surfaces make it hard for water to soak back into the ground.

In such cases, an outdoor drainage system facilitates the fast and effective movement of water away from built-up structures and back into the ground/storm water system. Best practice, Australian standards and codes, require that built up structures and walking surfaces be protected from flowing and pooling water. This ensures longevity and safety of the built-up areas and avoids accidental slips, falls and trips.

The Benefits of Stainless Steel Drainage Solutions

Australian standards and codes specify that outdoor drainage systems in Australia be made out of specific materials. Stainless steel is one of the materials that complies with Australian regulations. Stainless steel drainage systems are long-lasting, UV resistant, corrosion resistant and easy to maintain.

The Types of Outdoor Drainage Solutions

Outdoor drainage systems come in a variety of forms. The most commonly used systems are point or centre drains. However, linear drainage systems are highly suited to outdoor drainage. Linear channel drainage solutions can service large open spaces effectively. They are a popular choice as they allow water to be collected along the length of the channel, rather than just at a singular point.

Residential Applications of Stainless Steel Outdoor Drainage Grates

In a residential setting, outdoor drainage grates are located around pools, on balconies, driveways, gardens, along external periphery of walls etc. When designed effectively, exterior drain grates prevent flooding of indoor spaces. Outdoor drainage grates take water away from the house and prevent water tracking inside with walking feet. They are a functional must.

In residential spaces, apart from functional needs, outdoor drain grates must meet aesthetic needs as well. Stainless steel outdoor drainage grates are highly effective in meeting both types of needs.

Our residential outdoor grates are available in three grate/drain cover styles. Firstly, there is strong and durable heelguard wedge-wire grates – specially designed to ensure that shoe-heels don’t get stuck (broken heels or twisted ankles? No thanks!) Then, there is the discrete ‘tile-insert’ system that can be custom made to match the rest of your flooring, such as outdoor tiles /pavers. Lastly, there is patterned perforated grates, a decorative grate for limited applications, such as balcony drains

Additionally, there is the prospect of custom fabrication – which ensures that an endless list of design requirements can be met. We offer a broad range of finishes to complement any design palette. Custom made stainless steel outdoor grates can be plated, coloured, or even printed on. If you are looking for a splash of drama, grate lighting can be customised to take the design to a new level.

Civil Applications of Stainless Steel Outdoor Drainage Grates

Apart from residential settings, stainless steel outdoor drainage grates are also highly suited to civil applications. Our heelguard slip resistant grating offers a superior level of functionality ensuring that public safety is assured and risks of slips and falls are minimised. Stainless steel outdoor drainage solutions are often seen located on municipal footpaths and pedestrian access ways. They are highly effective in and around water features, landscape features, public pools, carparks and so on.

Outdoor Drainage Grates by Auswave Products

At Auswave, we add our own special twist to outdoor drainage products. We are an Australian owned company and have been producing bespoke drainage solutions for the architectural market for the past 15 years. We specialise in heelguard – a stainless steel wedge-wire system. This material is the primary ingredient in our designs.

We custom design solutions based on your specific design requirements. We assist at all stages of the design process – from concept through to installation. Call us now, and let us talk shop together.

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