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Flat roofs can be an architectural statement—bold and artistic, or elegantly minimal.
They are a way to jazz up outdoor living areas, create verdant rooftop gardens, or can simply be a place to survey the world from on high. But where does all the water go? How does flat roof drainage work? Without the aid of slope or gravity, flat roofs pose a unique drainage challenge. Without thoughtfully considered drainage, flat roofs can suffer from pooling, which, if left unchecked, can lead to mould or fungus, and subsequently, deterioration. Luckily, leaking roofs are not in our repertoire, and our stainless steel linear drains provide easy solutions for flat roof drainage.

As flat roofs are particularly vulnerable to moisture penetration and water damage, extra attention needs to be paid to the design and quality of the drainage system. Exposed to the elements, roof top drainage systems require durability, among other properties (for example, UV resistance etc.) . Stainless steel is an ideal choice for rooftop environments as it is able to endure rain, hail and beating sun. It is strong and long lasting, with excellent impact resistance, and is quick and easy to install. Our linear grates lie flat, eliminating unsightly gutters and maximising your rooftop’s design potential. As they are not limited to the circumference of the roof, they can also be used for very large flat roof spaces, such as car parks, making them ideal for commercial roof drainage systems such as shopping centres, hospitals and airports.

Advantages of Linear Heelguard Roof Drains by Auswave Products

A flat roof is a great way to add extra space to a building, and whether it is for practical purposes, such as to house solar panels or air-conditioning units, or to add recreational flair with a rooftop party space, an outdoor common area for employees or a lush terrace garden, our drains are ideally placed to handle any drainage situation.

Many factors need to be considered when choosing the right drainage for you, and we understand that dimensions, conditions and usage requirements vary. Our experienced team works with you to design and implement flat roof drainage that is unique to your building’s requirements, assessing the best type of drain covers, whether it be tile insert grates or custom Heelguard grating

The qualities of stainless steel make it perfect for rooftop situations that are exposed to the elements, and our linear drains are sleek and discreet, yet tough enough to handle commercial and industrial levels of wastewater management, as well as residential roof stormwater drainage. Our Heelguard technology is ideal for areas with high foot traffic, as it is highly effective at removing large quantities of water and filtering debris, while being safe for heels and wheels, and removing tripping hazards in the form of raised gutters or drains. As well as roof drains we can also help with balcony drainage, staircases, LED strip lighting and more, so that your rooftop space is the absolute best that it can be!

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