French Drains Vs Trench Drain

Demystifying the Differences Between Trench and French Drains

Drains are more than just holes in the ground, and (though drainage elves would be nice) they don’t appear by magic. When you put time and care into landscaping outdoor areas, you need thoughtful drainage to match. There is a range of options out there to choose from, and two such systems are Trench drains and French drains. Though their names are similar, their applications, looks and functions are quite different.

Named for Henry French, a Massachusetts farmer (rather than the Southern European country), French drains are subsurface trenches that slope at an angle, and are usually covered by gravel and landscaping. They are made up of a perforated pipe, and work by draining standing water into a specified drainage area. They can be installed around the foundations of a building, at the base of retaining walls or anywhere on a property with suitable sloping.

Trench drains are linear channels that collect water along their length, rather than from a central point. Though embedded into the ground, trench drains are classified as above ground systems, and they redirect water into a connected sewer or waterway. By not allowing water to collect and pool, they prevent erosion and damage, keep surface areas dry, and minimise potential safety hazards. Trench drains can be installed along paved areas, such as walkways and swimming pools, and are ideal for outdoor, landscaped areas as they work to keep water from collecting and leaving you with a soggy mess. Basically, they solve the problem before it really becomes one.

The main difference between the two is that French drains store and transport groundwater, while trench drains quickly remove surface water before it has a chance to pool. Understanding the difference between a French and a trench drain will help determine which system best suits your needs.

Feeling Drained? We Can help!

At Auswave Products we offer a range of options, and our stainless steel trench drains (or channel grates as they are also referred to) can be customised to suit any environment. They are easy to install, and our wedgewire heelguard grating offers low maintenance and high visual appeal. With the added benefits of slip-resistance, our Heelguard grates are ideal in locations where foot traffic is high

We offer full custom drainage systems, as well as our customisable off-the-shelf product CLICK DRAIN ®, a modular, ‘click together’ grate system that enables varied configurations. CLICK DRAIN ® is perfect for landscaped areas with unique shapes and aspects.

We can also help with drain covers and boxes, ramps, stairs, and visual accessories such as grate lights and coloured grating.

We are an Australian-owned, family company, and our team of designers, builders and engineers work together to ensure the best outcome for your unique needs. We use only the highest quality, GreenTag certified materials, and all our products have undergone strict testing to ensure they are the best on the market.

Like a gently sloping channel after a summer storm, let Auswave Products help to drain your worries away. Contact our friendly team today, and see how we can help with your drainage dilemmas.

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