Bathroom Trends 2021 /2022

Reflecting Upon Bathroom Design

We are almost at the hallway mark into 2021. This is a great time of the year to look over our shoulders and see how bathroom trends have been shaping up and predict how things might carry on into the future. What are the design gurus saying? We gave our ears to some powerful voices in the realm of interior design. This is what we heard:

Bathroom Look and Feel

As the world grappled with the restrictions of lockdowns during the pandemic, the focus in interior design shifted towards two things. Firstly, cleanliness and hygiene. Secondly, bringing hotel luxury into the home (Hone, 2021; Senyard, 2021).

As people found themselves more and more house-bound, they were seeking to bring a ‘spa-like’ feel right into the home. So, how does one go about bringing this clean, lean and spa-like aesthetic into a humble, home bathroom?

Colours and Light

White on white on white is one way of making a bathroom feel hyper-hygienic (Insider Style, 2021). If that is far too austere for you, vintage colours and themes have been popular as well. Delicate pastels and warm colours on one hand and natural and aged finishes on the other make for a generous, luxurious feel (Interiorzine, 2021).

Having a natural source of light shine upon this colour palette takes the design to a whole new level. For this reason, having a skylight open right into the shower stall, or above the bath, has been a popular move (Interiorzine, 2021).

To bring in a touch of glamour, another popular trend has been back-lit mirrors (Insider Style, 2021; Senyard, 2021). They look good on dark and light backdrops alike and work to elevate the drama of the space.

Materials and Finishes

Nothing speaks natural and aged quite like stone. Timber is another material that looks great in its natural finish. Keeping practicality in mind, tiles with a faux timber or faux stone look have been a popular choice this year.

Another trend has been to use the same material and finish for the floor as well as the wall. This helps isn creating a grand, seamless, larger-than-life look (Insider Style, 2021; Interiorzine, 2021; Senyard, 2021).

Planning and Layout

Innovative plans and layouts have veered towards placing the shower into a larger, more open space. To make the bath and shower flow cohesively and act as one space, the concept of ‘wet room’ has emerged. ‘Wet-rooms’ do away with the shower screen that traditionally used to separate the shower space from the rest of the bathroom. (BluePrint, 2021; Senyard, 2021).

Secondly, the boundary between indoor and outdoor space is made increasingly permeable. In some cases walls between the inside and outside are completely removed and replaced with glazing or folding doors. Similiarly, the boundary between bedroom and bathroom is being increasingly erased (Interiorzine, 2021). It’s not unusual now to find baths being placed on balconies, next to beds or tv-rooms, as you would find in hotel suites!

Fittings and Fixtures

To match in with the theme of natural and aged patinas, tapware in metallic colours and finishes are being increasingly used. Brass, copper, nickel, gunmetal are all gaining popularity. Separate cold and hot water taps are also trending.

Sensor taps and flushes are also being taken up, as they are a ‘hands-free’ and accessible option (BluePrint, 2021)

Minimalism, Decluttering and Organisation

Last but not least, there is an increasing push towards minimalism, decluttering and organisation as a more sustainable lifestyle option. Caddies, baskets, modular storage units are being increasingly used to bring a sense of calm into a relaxed bathroom space. Marie Kondo’s approach of holding onto things that ‘spark joy’ has taken well with many people. Her approach sits well in creating that special spa ambience too. Curate, curate and curate your bathroom belongings, to feel light and fresh forever.

Future Trends…

Looking into the future, it is safe to say that some of these trends will last for a bit. As our daily experience evolves, over time the trends will change. However, the basic design principles that drive design innovation will stay the same.

If you are looking to renovate or building a new home, rely on design which will have long term value. Design that will keep you supported as you grow and as your needs change. If you are looking for long term value, then three more ingredients are vital – flexibility, durability, practicality. These ingredients will ground your design whilst allowing you to incorporate in as many fashions and trends as you want. For example, a well-balanced and sensible approach would be to choose ‘trendy’ accessories. Things like mirrors, art, soft furnishings and plants can easily be picked to match trends. They are easy to replace with time and can ‘trend-up’ really quickly when fashions change. When it comes to floors and walls, choose basics and neutrals finishes and materials. It is expensive to keep changing floors and walls, so its important to pick colour schemes which you can gaze at for long lengths of time. Taps and sanitaryware are also relatively hard and expensive to replace. So choose basics over pizzazz here too.

Wise choices will ensure that your luxury, spa bathroom is enjoyable for a long time whilst keeping up with contemporary style. We wish you all the best while designing your space!


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