Commercial Drainage Solutions

Designing Commercial Spaces

A commercial space evokes an image of business, activity, large open expanse and free movement. To be successful, a commercial space supports human activity without hindrance. A well designed commercial space is one where users hardly notice the little details that make that space efficient and functional.

Drainage Solution – A Crucial Detail

A crucial detail in commercial spaces is the drainage solution. When we are dealing with large open spaces, we are dealing with the prospect of a large water catchment, dirt, mud and detritus being moved around by hundreds of fast moving feet. In such scenarios, drainage solutions play a vital role in keeping the space clean, dry and accident free.

Nodes and Networks

Commercial drainage solutions include a large range of products that fit into each other to effectively drain the space. It is like a set of nodes all networked into each other. There is a collection point or trench, covered with a grate or floor cap which makes up the node. These water collection units are attached to outlet pipes at set intervals. The outlet pipes connect to a reticulation system made of pipes which finally connects to the municipal storm water network.

Apart from the collection unit, users hardly observe the drainage system since it runs underground. Collection units need to be attractive or discreet and hardly noticeable, yet effective at removing surface water and dirt. Drainage nodes and networks play a vital role in making your commercial space durable and safe for public


When it comes to collection units, grates, trenches, floor caps and pipes, material choice is an important consideration. Materials have to be such that they comply with Australian standards around health safety, slips and falls and so on. One product which meets all the safety requirements is stainless steel.

Auswave’s CLICK DRAIN®

At Auswave, we custom design commercial drainage solutions in stainless steel as per your design requirements. All our products are Australian made and manufactured to design and specifications.
Our speciality product is CLICK DRAIN® – an innovative stainless steel drainage system that is modular, high quality and sustainable. The modular system makes it easy to install using unique ‘click’ together fittings, while delivering a seamless finish. Built to Australian standards, the product offers maximum efficiency and superior quality with a luxury edge.

Benefits of CLICK DRAIN®

The CLICK DRAIN ® systems is made out of stainless steel components that are Green Tag Certified and accredited by the Australian Stainless Steel Association (ASSDA). The system reduces installation time as it comes in short lengths (between 1 to 3 metres). The components are lightweight, shatter-proof and easy to handle on site. They are also cheaper to transport.

Each of the above listed benefits make the CLICK DRAIN ® highly suitable for commercial application. Despite the modular design, there is room for customisation making it appropriate for special cases and scenarios such as changing directions.

If you are shopping for commercial grade drainage grating supplies, requiring flexibility and/or customisation, give us a call now.

About Auswave Product

We are an Australian owned company and have been servicing the drainage / architectural market nationally for the past 15 years. Our experience and high-quality ingredients make for the perfect recipe in the bespoke market. Auswave Products will design specifically to your specification, from concept through to install. We are equipped with a full CAD drafting system at our disposal.

Situated in Sydney, we are on call for site measure and to advise on design when required on a local level. However, when required we have the ability to react quickly to interstate enquiries as well.

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