2021 Design Trends for Small Bathrooms

Clean, Smooth, One-Look, Easy-on-the-Eye…

Cleanliness and hygiene in the home are two top worries for people in 2021 (McGuirk, 2020). As the world grapples with the reality of the pandemic, there is a yearning to bring the exotic into the home itself (Senyard, 2021). These worries and yearnings are reflected in contemporary bathroom trends as renovators try to lux up small bathrooms with clean, smooth, one-look, easy-on-the-eye surfaces. As designers and renovators look to create an experience of health and wealth in the home, the humble tile comes to the rescue. Large format tiles plastered across the walls and floors bring a sense of abundance and generosity. Patterned and textured tiles bring a sense of patina and character (New Decor Trends, 2021). Walk-in showers, bring a sense of open cohesion (Senyard, 2021).

The Devil is in the Detail

When a designer chooses to work with tiles to create a look of vastness and beauty, it becomes important to use add-ons and accessories that complement and enhance the beauty of the tile. A crucial function in bathrooms is plumbing and drainage. From a detail point of view, it becomes important to use plumbing/drainage products that enhance the beauty of the space.

What plumbing products are out there that bring home the message of abundance, openness, cohesion and hygiene?…

Tile Insert Drains and Grates

At Auswave, we make special drainage products that hide themselves, in order to make the floor shine. Our hidden drain systems perfectly enhance the look and style of the tiles that you are using. Our concealed drains are also known as ‘tile insert’ drains. They are perfect for showers, bathrooms, toilets, as well as other wet spaces.

Linear Drains

When you are looking for a tile insert drain for open or walk in showers, we recommend our linear drains. The linear tile insert drainage system is finished off with a cap (or “insert”) that fits in pieces of the tile used for the rest of the floor. Secondly, it can be made in sections, to follow the same tile layout as the rest of the floor. Together these aspects ensure that the drainage system is properly concealed and the tile system is perfectly showcased.

Point Drains

Sometimes a space is too small, budget is restricted, or water needs to be intercepted at certain points. In these cases, point drains are recommended. Like the linear drainage system, our tile insert point drains are discreet and easily concealed. They too are fitted with an insert into which holds a tile piece of the floor tile on top. They fit in seamlessly with the floor and ensure that they don’t compete for attention.

Call us now

So, if you are working on a special bathroom and are looking for a product that looks good and works well, call us now. Our team of specialists will guide you through design, selection and specification. Think no more, call us now.


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