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Looking For a Driveway That Says “Welcome”?

Like a doorway, driveways welcome you and your guests into your home or business. They are an often forgotten aspect of design, yet one that needs careful consideration. A flooded driveway can pose health and safety risks, and as the barrier between your home and the outside world, properly placed driveway drainage (try saying that ten times) will protect your property from untimely deterioration. Start things off right and invest in driveway drainage that works!

There are a variety of ways in which driveway drainage can be done, from swales and French drains to permeable surfaces. You may have a property with natural sloping and assume this means the hard work has already been done for you, but proper drain placement is essential in ensuring correct water run-off. Lingering water causes discolouration, cracks and erosion, uneven surfaces, and ultimately a short lifespan for your driveway. In our travels, we come across so many poorly constructed, ill fitted, rusted and corroding driveway grate materials, which are unsightly, a cause for often expensive repairs and downright dangerous. Clearly, those driveways were yet to be introduced to our stainless steel linear grates…

Linear drains are channels that collect water along their length, rather than from a central drainage point. They require only a single slope in the ground, meaning they can be discreetly installed on the edge of a space (for example) and adapt to any driveway situation. They are easy to install, blend smoothly to their surroundings and effortlessly deliver maximum surface drainage to areas where water pooling is just not an option.

In commercial and public settings you need products that are safe and reliable, easily maintained and aesthetically pleasing. Our linear driveway grates allow ease of movement in areas with high traffic flow and prevent slippery accidents from occurring, while looking great and saving you time and money.

Auswave Products – Driving Drainage Success

We offer a range of options when it comes to driveway drainage, and our team can assist in recommending the right one for you. We can help with anything from drainage channels, covers and boxes, to visual accessories, to complete your driveway.

CLICK DRAIN ® is a revolutionary new modular grate system that allows drainage to be styled on-site, with clever ‘click together’ components. They enable builders and plumbers to quickly and easily assess and assemble the best drain grate configuration for your driveway.

Our custom solutions allow us to tailor our products to suit any project. We can cater to your budget and taste, as well as industry load rating, and any unique workplace safety requirements you may have. We can also add colours and patterns into your grating, LED strip lights and more. Or for the ultimate in luxurious driveway drainage, why not try our gold plated grates?

Why Auswave?

At Auswave, we use the highest-grade stainless steel, and our products are Australian made and built to last. Our Heelguard wedgewire grating is slip resistant and flush with the ground, eliminating mobility issues and making it ideal for public spaces. The GreenTag certified wedgewire grating filters larger debris, while freely draining smaller particles, keeping your driveway clean and waterways unpolluted by rubbish. If it’s durability, corrosion resistance, and elegant looks you’re after, our stainless steel linear driveway grates are for you.

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