Uncovering Access Covers

New Innovations in Access Covers

Are you interested in hiding unsightly services? Perhaps you are considering an underground service pit, either out of necessity, or as a means of preserving floor space.

With new options in access covers, underground service pits are now an even more serviceable option

So, What’s New In Access Covers?

Hinged and Gas Assisted Access Covers

Thanks to hinged and gas assisted solutions, access lids just got more accessible!

While infill style access covers are relatively light, the fill may not be, making hinges and gas assisted lifting the smart OH&S solution.

Brass Edge Access Covers

Looking for modern convenience, but going for a vintage, quaint or warm design style? Brass edged access covers allow you to keep those underground services concealed, while allowing an infill cover edge of brass that may better complement your design objectives than the standard stainless steel.

Think cobble stones, rustic paving, marble or timber surfaces. Brass edged access covers excel in heritage sites, allowing you to maintain the “ye olde world” charm, without being stuck in the dark ages.

We’ve Got You Covered!

At Auswave Products, we offer a range of access covers and frame solutions. Infill access covers, now available in brass edge. Multipart assemblies for large areas. And, with a number of additional features to better service your needs, including hinges and gas assist. We specialise in custom fabrication, and consequently can help you put a lids on all those services, better left unseen!

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