Sliding Door Threshold Drains

Seamless Solutions for Sliding Doors

Ever wondered how you can make your sliding doors even more desirable?

We know, it is a tough call! Those big glass panes already allow an abundance of natural light to stream in. If you are looking for more of that “letting-the-outdoors-in” feeling, then we have the solution for you – sliding door threshold drains.

“What do doors have to do with drains?” we hear you say. Well, historically, nothing…. Thank goodness for innovation!  In the past, and still in the majority of cases, doorways featured a raised threshold, or step-down into outdoor areas, just enough to prevent water from flowing into indoor spaces in normal conditions.

With sliding door threshold drains you get to enjoy all the benefits of a sliding door while eliminating this traditional threshold. The result is a level plane at the doorway (obvious advantages for accessibility) and the elimination of the visual obstruction… more of those “outdoors-in” feelings!

How Do Sliding Door Threshold Drains Work?

Sliding door threshold drains are custom made. The door frame is recessed in a sill in the grate, matching the door track width and depth. The threshold drain assembly then features an attached trough and grate, positioned on the exterior of the door, collecting and draining away water. Both the linear grate and the door are level with the surrounding flooring.

Threshold Drains for Sliding Doors – The Auswave Advantage

At Auswave Products, we showcase stainless steel drainage solutions fabricated from grade 304 or 316. With decades of experience in working with plumbers, builders, designers and architects, we offer threshold solutions of unmatched functionality, durability and design finesse. We specialise in custom solutions, so even if you have an out of the box request, we can work with you to deliver a threshold solution tailored to your sliding door.

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