Stainless Steel Drainage Products – in a Class of Their Own

Stainless Steel Drainage Products – Industry Unknowns

Stainless steel drainage products, though popular amongst those who are familiar with them, are yet in relative obscurity compared to industry stalwarts.

While stainless steel grates and channels have taken off in the bathroom and shower drainage department, their popularity in civil applications is yet limited, not for lack of aptitude, but lack of awareness.

The civil drainage market is saturated with polymer concrete / concrete pits and channels, and FRP, cast iron or galvanised steel grates. And while these products often represent the cheaper, or, the only known option for many, stainless steel civil drainage solutions deliver many advantages which result in their being not only a cost effective, but an attractive, civil drainage solution.

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Stainless Steel Civil Drainage Products – a Cut Above the Rest

Stainless steel grates are categorically heaped into the “drainage grates” basket, with all its generic qualities. Yet, stainless steel grates, particularly heelguard, possess properties, characteristics, and advantages making them worthy of a class all of their own – they are “next level” and deserving of this status.

Stainless steel heelguard grates are a safe option for public and commercial spaces. People don’t break their legs on them. Ladies in high heels, and children’s little toes, don’t get entrapped. The public at large are safer. Furthermore, heelguard stainless steel grates stop rubbish going into our waterway.

From a structural standpoint, they are structurally sound. And, while a little dearer, they will be there forever, whereas cast iron, galvanized or black steel grates may deteriorate over some years. There all going to break down. As far as drainage products are concerned, stainless steel is going to be the last bastion on earth still standing! Furthermore, unlike polymer concrete or concrete varieties, stainless steel channels and pits won’t shatter if dropped. And they aren’t full of nasty chemicals! Read more here – Environmental Comparisons Stainless Steel Vs. Polymer Concrete.

Despite their durability, stainless steel grates and channels are significantly lighter than other varieties of linear drainage product, making them cheaper to transport, safer (less cause for claims of compensation), and easier to install. And, while we are on the topic of “safer and easier installation”, stainless steel grate don’t require special tools if modification is required, nor do they create clouds of dust in the process (which may cause delayed lung injury if repeatedly inhaled).

Looking for the Ultimate in Easy Install Drainage Systems?

Look no further, at Auswave Products we supply the pinnacle of trench drainage systems – CLICK DRAIN ®– The next millenniums’ drainage solution

There are many modular trench drainage systems on the market, but CLICK DRAIN ® surpasses then in quality on a number of fronts.

Weight – to compare, a full loaded CLICK DRAIN ® per meter with grate weighs in at 6kgs, whereas a polymer concrete drain with a generic grate weighs in around 18 to 19kgs. This makes CLICK DRAIN ® both cheaper to transport and also cheaper and easier to install – one man can do it!

Flexibilty – Most drainage troughs, due to their weight, are available only in 1m lengths – CLICK DRAIN ® is available in 1, 2 and 3 metre lengths, adding to efficiency in their installation.

Superior Design – Modular drainage systems feature a joining system, But composite troughs have a primitive joins that may let water egress through into the substructure underneath. CLICK DRAIN ® features a unique click together system (REGISTERED AUSTRALIAN PATENT) for a trough that holds and drains water in all the right places.


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