Smart Tile Floor Waste

What’s So Clever About Smart Tile Waste?

Finding drainage solutions that balance functionality with style is the challenge of every renovator. Often, drainage is overlooked when it comes to aesthetic considerations for your home, being relegated to the unpleasant, unsightly and purely serviceable.  

This is where smart tile floor waste comes in. Smart tile floor waste, also known as a tile insert drain, is a drainage system that can add contemporary flair and sleek minimalism without sacrificing efficiency. 

Tile insert grates attach directly on to the drain, and channel unwanted water into existing drainage systems. Best suited to a tiled or stone surface, such as marble, they can be installed indoors and out, in residential and commercial areas, from thresholds to bathrooms and showers, tiled balconies, pools and decks. While traditional grates are often quite noticeable, smart floor waste blends into any design without interrupting the visual flow. This makes them the ideal choice for small spaces, where visual continuity can enhance the perception of size, or simply when you want to hero beautiful flooring. If you require a discrete drainage solution, these innovative drains are the smart solutions for you!

Varieties of Smart Tile Floor Waste:

Square Tile Insert Drain

A square tile insert drain, a variety of point drain, is a traditional form of drainage, Square tile floor waste systems are the obvious answer to draining wet areas featuring small tiles.

Smart Tile Strip Drain

A smart tile strip drain, also called a linear drain, is a channel that collects water along its length. As they don’t require central placement, they can be installed along the edges of a space, for an even more discrete drainage solution that maximises the aesthetic value of your home.

Advantages of Smart Floor Wastes by Auswave Products

Auswave Products is a company renowned for its intelligent designs, and we pride ourselves on our superior construction and high quality materials. With over twenty years experience, we can custom fabricate to any request, and take pleasure in finding creative solutions to your drainage dilemmas. Our stainless steel is ASSDA accredited and GreenTag certified, ensuring your drains stand the test of time, while looking good and saving you precious time and money. 

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