Drain Grate Covers

What is a Drain Grate Cover? 

Drainage isn’t always pretty, but that doesn’t mean your drain grates can’t be. Though they have a practical responsibility, drain grate covers can be more than simply waste management, cleverly turning your drainage necessities into complementary design features. 

From outdoor drainage such as pool, courtyard or sewer covers, to indoor, commercial and industrial areas, drain grates cover drainage pits, trenches and so forth, providing a safety barrier, an aesthetic covering, and can assist in preventing debris from clogging the drainage pipes and/or making its way into our waterways, Drain grate covers can be made from many materials, but in our experience, nothing comes close to the quality offered by stainless steel. 

Stainless Steel Drain Grate Covers

Stainless steel shines when it comes to high quality drainage, combining style and substance to ensure your drain covers are safe and efficient while looking good and being easy to clean and care for. It is corrosion resistant, it can withstand fluctuating temperatures, as well as exposure to chemicals and bathroom products such as soap and shampoo. The high strength factor of stainless steel makes it a versatile medium for a variety of applications, residential to civil. As well as being durable, easy to maintain and aesthetically pleasing, stainless steel also allows for a variety of surface finishes, and at Auswave, we can recommend the best fit for your needs, based on your application and environmental considerations. 

Auswave — for Superior Drain Covers

At Auswave, we can custom make drain covers to suit a variety of requirements. Whether it is a long drain cover for a strip or linear drain, an outside kitchen drain cover, a sewer or pool grate cover, we can help. We use the finest grade ASSDA accredited stainless steel in a range of drain cover styles and finishes, as well as colours and patterns. Our slip resistant Heelguard grating allows for safe and easy pedestrian access, while offering maximum comfort and style, making it ideal for public spaces. Heelguard by name, heelguard by nature, this variety of grating also prevents heels from becoming wedged, and, as it is installed flush with the ground, removes accessibility issues. 

At Auswave, we can help you do more than simply cover your drains, enhancing them to become design features. Contact our friendly team today and let us find the perfect drain grate covers for you! 

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