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Get Creative With Shower Grates!

Never before has the home renovator been able to express their personality through their bathroom style so much. With a range of styles, finishes and colours in bathroom fixtures, you can now inject some pizazz into your bathroom through more than just colourful towels, faux plants and incense sticks.

Perhaps an unlikely opportunity for creativity is the humble shower grate. Through the variety of modern styles and finishes, shower grates can be elevated from just a functional (indeed essential) aspect of the bathroom, to a talking point.

What are the Grate Styles Available?

We cannot speak to to the other products on the market, but at Auswave Products we supply s range of different drain styles, grate styles and grate finishes

Drain Styles

Bathroom drainage products come in two styles: point drainage and linear drainage.

Point drainage is the more traditional form of drainage, a small drainage point requiring a slope from all sides

Linear drainage is a newer invention, unlike point drains, they collect water along the length of the drain, and require (depending on their placement, of course) only a singular slope.

While there is a place for both drain styles, linear drainage may be preferred as it requires less overall drop, and the singular slope proves an easier task for the DIY tiler.

Grate Styles

Our grate and drain covers are available in three styles: tile insert. perforated metal and wedgewire.

Tile Insert Shower Grates – Neat and Discrete!

Tile inserts are the ideal choice for those that want a discrete drainage solution. From above, tile insert grates look barely different from the surrounding tiles except for the narrow slit that collects water around the tile “insert”. Don’t let its narrow aperture fool you – this is nonetheless an efficient drainage product.

Perforated Pattern Grates – Decorative Greats!

Perforated pattern grates (also known as punch slot grates) are stainless steel screens that are perforated to create openings for drainage. These drainage openings are not limited to holes, but as the name suggests, patterns also, thus providing a decorative touch!

Wedgewire Shower Grates – Sleek or Industrial Chic!

Wedgewie shower grates are a form of bar grating, or drainage grills. Depending upon the other décor of your bathroom, wedgewire grates can be sleek and stylish, or even add a touch of industrial chic.

Grate Finishes

This is where you can really go wild with self expression! With coloured, printed and plated grates, and even grate lights, you can help create a unique look and feel for your bathroom.

Colored wedgewire grates

Looking to add some colour to your bathroom? If yes, then coloured wedgewire grates are the product for you! Heck, with our easy lift-out grated drain covers, buy a few, one to match the colour of all your towel sets!

Printed wedgewire grates

Can’t decide on one colour, or looking to take it further, how about printed wedgewire grates? Through laser printing, colours, images, designs, patterns, photos, pictures, even optical Illusions can be brought to life on wedgewire grates.

Plated wedgewire grates

Looking for a touch of opulence? Look no further – introducing plated grates! With plating of chrome, gold and beyond, your bathroom drainage grates can feature more precious metals than your jewellery box!

A side note on plated grates: Why wedgewire stainless steel grates?

You can plate any medium, for example aluminium or black steel can be chrome plated. So, you can dress other up to look nice, however these types of plated grates are not going to have the properties of stainless steel, stainless wedgewire, its durability, and all that comes with it, In short, other varieties of plated grates may provide style, but not necessarily substance.

Grate lights

One word: Ambience! Soften those bright bathroom lights with LED grate lights. Available in a range of colours, these lights filter through the grate to create dappled, or even patterned, lighting hues.

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Before you get the sledge hammer to your old bathroom wall, contact our helpful team to discuss your vision and drainage needs to create the bathroom of your dreams… and not your nightmares!

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