Playground Drainage Made Easy with CLICK DRAIN ®

CLICK DRAIN ®: Making Playground Drainage Installation “Child’s Play”

No doubt about it, children love water! From the beach, to puddles, to the way water transforms dirt into the most luxurious of substances, it is all fair game to these little people.

While a watery, puddly, mud slurry of a playground may delight children, the sentiment is not shared by the big people in their lives. And, aside from creating inevitably messy clothes, a poorly drained playground can mean a dangerous one, with pooled water creating a breeding ground for mosquitoes and bacteria, and mould and mildew for slippery surfaces (face it, the only thing that ought be slippery is the slide!). Furthermore, standing water can damage the playground equipment and surface, thus reducing its lifespan, and safety also, for example, the structural integrity of the play equipment can be compromised by damage to its cement footings.

If you are planning a public playground, before that migraine takes over, let us introduce an easy solution to playground drainage – CLICK DRAIN ®.

CLICK DRAIN ® is a unique, click-together linear drainage system, that is light and easy to install, yet durable and hard wearing.

The Benefits of CLICK DRAIN ® for Playground Drainage

Easy Installation

Due to its unique, click-together technology, CLICK DRAIN ® makes for easy installation. Furthermore, it is light making for cheaper transport and labour costs, it does not require a team of blokes to lay a trench.


Like all good finished drainage configurations, playground drainage cannot be haphazard, throw in a drain here and there and “she’ll be right mate!”. Rather, effective drainage requires careful consideration of topography, among other factors.

Due to its modular nature, CLICK DRAIN ® is ideally suited to even the most elaborate of drainage design. With a variety of modular components, including, angles, varying lengths, sumps, and end caps, you can create a custom solution, with an off-the-shelf product.

If you need further customisation, curved linear grates for example, then we can also accommodate this. See custom grates.


CLICK DRAIN ® is available with heelguard grates, this form of grating is designed to prevent shoe heels from becoming trapped, and, more pertinently to playgrounds, toe entrapment.


CLICK DRAIN ® is a stainless steel drainage product, thus it enjoys the durability that stainless steel has to offer, plus strength, corrosion resistance, and temperature resistant. All of things mean a product that will be attractive, effective and safe for longer

Auswave Products for Playground Drainage and Beyond!

Are you developing a playground as part of a bigger project, for example, a water park, urban precinct, sporting venue, park or educational facility? CLICK DRAIN ® can be used in a variety of other applications. Additionally, we supply a number of other grate products, for example:

If you want drainage solutions that are a “walk in the park” to install, contact us to discuss how CLICK DRAIN ® can be used in your playground construction.

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Wheelchair compliant AS1428.2 (part 2 clause 9C)

Cycle safe AS 3996 (clause 3.3.6)

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