Heelguard Wedgewire Storm Water Grates for Clean Waterways and Beaches

Prevention is Better Than a Cure!

It is hard not to feel at least a pang of sorrow when you see images of our sea and bird life suffering for the sake of our rubbish. Nor when you hear tales of an unfortunate soul suffering a needle stick injury from an incorrectly disposed of hypodermic.

While not exclusively to blame, storm water drains are one of the ways that rubbish, including these dreaded needles, can make their way into our waterways, oceans and beaches.

In many a case, storm water drains feature a broad apertures between their grills, so much so that animals have even been known to fall into them, ducklings and kittens being common victims. This being the case, it stands to reason that narrower drainage openings in storm water grates could prevent unwanted objects and animals from making their way into the drains.

Introducing Heelguard Wedgewire Storm Water Grates

Heelguard wedgewire grates are a form of bar grating, however, unlike many varieties of grating, they feature very narrow openings between the grills. This prevents only very small particles from making their way into the drain – no needles, plastic bags, plastic bottle seals, cigarette butts or other offending items can pass through, but rather, they remain on the surface from which they can be disposed of responsibly.

We all can be doing our part to ensure our waterways ocean and beaches stay clean and safe, but on a civil level this is just one way we can protect them from those people that don’t.

If you are looking to invest, not just in storm water grates, but something that helps prevent unwanted items from making their way into our waterway, contact our helpful team.

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Wheelchair compliant AS1428.2 (part 2 clause 9C)

Cycle safe AS 3996 (clause 3.3.6)

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