Exploring Curved Channel Drains

A Solution to All Your Curved Drainage Needs

At Auswave, we understand that drainage requirements are vast and varied. While most drainage needs are satisfied by regular channel drains, some can “throw a curve ball”. Just how can a nice straight channel drain be used with a curved feature? 

Thanks to our curved channel drains that need no longer be a conundrum!

Applications for Curved Trench Drains


When we talk about applications for curved drains, outdoor features tend to spring to mind, the obvious example being curved pool deck drains.

Curved trench drains can be a great asset to landscape design, skirting, not only pools, but spas, driveways, garden beds, retaining walls and even water features.

Thanks to their stunning aesthetic, our stainless steel curved grates are more than simply a functional attribute, they are a design feature in their own right! Consequently, our curved grates have featured in high-profile constructions, such as Darling Park water fountain.

Balconies and Threshold

Perhaps your balcony or deck has a curved profile, perhaps even your balcony bi-fold doors do too. Before curved linear grates, drainage was a jarring visual interruption. Curved slot drains provide an effective drainage solution that can run parallel with the edge of your deck, or can be custom made to work in with an arc-shaped door line.

Don’t just get aROUND to it, contact us now!

Whether you are after a curved channel drainage solution for an outdoor feature, a curved balcony, or an ambitious public water display, our talented team can help make your vision a functional reality!  With a focus on custom designs, we will work with you to ensure you receive the ideal, curved, solution for your drainage and aesthetic needs. Contact us today!

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