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Auswave Products is proud to serve the upmarket suburb of Teneriffe in supplying the best drainage solutions and grate systems. We have over two decades of experience in serving the architectural and drainage marketss all over Brisbane and Australia behind us. Supported by a team of highly trained and skilled design and manufacturing experts, we are happy to extend our services to Teneriffe. Our products and solutions are designed with style and luxury in mind while never sacrificing function and efficiency. 

Auswave is an Australian owned and run company. We can help you make the design project of your dreams a reality and provide both public and residential solutions. From apartments and complexes to bathrooms and gardens, we are happy to provide drainage and grating solutions to Teneriffe. We guarantee both the safety and quality of our designs, services, and products. 

Auswave Products Services and Solutions in Teneriffe

Our products are tailor-made to suit your design requirements and supply you with the exact solution to meet your needs. Our grating solutions are primarily based on Heelguard wedgwire stainless steel grating, offering slip-resistance and durability.

These are some of the options we offer our Teneriffe customers:

Threshold Drainage Systems for Decks and Balconies:

The rainy season can become dangerous when our balconies don’t have suitable drainage systems. We offer balcony, as well as threshold, drainage solutions to solve this problem. Our products and service installations can protect your balcony from water damage as well as prevent the ingress of water into internal spaces. While function is of the utmost importance, we can still maintain a dedication to elegance and style. 

Entry Mats:

Your entrance acts as a first impression. We can help you maintain durable and high-quality access with our entry mats. Safeguard your surfaces with a chic entry mat that is easy to clean and low maintenance. 

Design Solutions for Your Home:

If you’re looking to redo your bathroom, we can offer steel drainage grates that act as a functional and luxurious finishing to your room. Being both safe and stylish, we can tailor-make your grate to fit your purpose and project design. No matter what tile, size, or even colour, you require – we can cater for it. Our products meet the high safety and relevant Australian Standards to ensure any internal application remains secure while never sacrificing elegance. 

CLICK DRAIN® Modular Drainage System:

Drain systems are vital, but finding a suitable fitting when there are angles or long stretches to be accommodated can be difficult. Introducing our helpful CLICK DRAIN® system. This innovative product features modular components and click-together technology, allowing plumbers and builders to assemble intricate drainage designs, effortlessly. 

Choose Auswave Products! 

Our product design is as important as function. Reach out to us if you want to know more about how we can assist you with the following services that provide the function you need while adding a luxurious flair to your project.

  • Threshold drainage systems for balconies
  • Residential linear grates
  • Strip drains for bathrooms
  • Threshold free showers
  • Driveway and pool grates 
  • And more… just peruse our website!

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Whether you’re looking for advice on your design project, need assistance with your drainage system, or would like to implement an entirely new product, we’re always here to help. We offer a free quote on any item or service you may need, so give us a call today. 

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