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With 15+ years of experience in the architectural market, we offer quality stainless steel grates and drainage solutions. Suppose you’re looking for either drains or grates to complement your premium design project. In that case, we’ll be happy to help with any civil, commercial, landscaping or residential build or renovation you have planned.

If you want to drain your deck, install a slick drainage system in your bathroom, or create a safe drain in a public area, we can help. We offer customised solutions for any project or area. We never lose sight of quality, customer satisfaction, and reliability.

Our Products and Service Solutions

Our designs are predominantly based on sleek-looking, durable and design-friendly heelguard wedgewire grating. Here is just a small sample of our offering to our South Brisbane customers

Threshold Drainage Systems for Decks and Balconies:

We ensure that our products are of the highest quality and are durable no matter the weather. For the best drainage solution in South Brisbane, call Auswave Products! We have a vast array of tailor-made drainage solutions to fit both your space and style.

Entry Mats:

Put your best foot forward with a luxury yet functional entrance mat. Our products are easy to clean while remaining durable, ensuring the extended life of internal flooring surfaces. As always, while we prioritise functionality, we always keep style in mind. Let us help you transform your entrance to something that truly says “welcome!”. 

Civil Drainage Solutions:

Auswave offers slip-resistance grating for public spaces in South Brisbane. Sidewalks can often get congested and need to be kept as safe as possible at all times. Maintaining regular drainage of water is just one of these ways. Ensure the safety of your sidewalks and pedestrian walkways by adopting one of our stainless steel drainage grates. They are also ideal for public swimming pools, parking lots, and accessways. 

Household Solutions:

Building or redesigning your bathroom? We can help with stainless steel drains for both showers and general bathroom areas in South Brisbane. Looking for a brand new, customised shower that doesn’t have any thresholds? We can help! 

Also on offer is our renowned CLICK DRAIN ® system. It’s designed to fit in with a wide variety of drainage applications while remaining easy to install. 

Why Choose Auswave?

We are Australian owned and run, and manufacture our products locally so you’re guaranteed quality. Safety is always one of our major concerns, and we go through every measure to ensure the safety of our products.

Our specialised CAD design team is always on hand to help you refine your design and bring it to life. We are happy to help in any way, and should you need custom products, we can design them for you. Just give our friendly team a call! 

South Brisbane – We’re Waiting For Your Call

We are happy to provide you with a free quote whenever you want. Let us know whether it be for plumbing innovation, drainage solutions, or a new design project! For the best results for your South Brisbane project, call Auswave today.

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