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At Auswave Products, we are known for premium drainage and grate solutions. Our grate’s designs are primarily based on heelguard wedgewire grating. With decades of experience in servicing the residential, building and design sectors in Petrie Terrace and across Brisbane and Australia, we can accommodate even the most unique of requests. 

Thanks to our custom fabrication capabilities, we pride ourselves in providing grates that cater to individual property and commercial buildings. Our service is efficient and effective. We never sacrifice quality and prioritise delivering high-end products – every time. 

Drainage and Grating From Auswave

Whether you have a drainage grate design in mind for a brand-new project or are looking for an innovative design solution, we can help your vision come to life. Our expert CAD designers are ready to help. With years of hands-on experience, they’ll be able to make your design dreams a reality. 

In addition, we partner with the homeowners, builders, and architects of Petrie Terrace to curate the ideal living space. From bathrooms and gardens to the inner workings of a house, we’ll help you come up with grating and drainage solutions that complement your slick design vision. Seen something you like in a decor magazine? Together, we can make it happen for you. The products we use are all top-class, including architectural stainless steel grating constructed from 304 or 316-grade stainless steel. Being versatile and durable, this product can be utilised both in and outdoors. 

If you live or work in Petrie Terrace, let us know if you need the following solutions:

Drainage: Designed and installed in homes, commercial and public areas, we create drain grates based primarily on heelguard slip-resistant wedgewire grating. Our grate design solutions are perfect for areas that experience high traffic and where efficient water removal is essential. From sidewalks, water features, to balconies, let Auswave know if you need a civil or commercial drainage solution in Petrie Terrace. 

Bathrooms: We understand the importance of having a functional bathroom that doesn’t sacrifice elegance. That’s why our drainage solutions remain sleek and chic. Strip drains, smart tile floor wastes and threshold-free showers, as well as a range of drain cover styles. Furthermore, our unique CLICK DRAIN® system provides the ideal solution for more complex assemblies.  Auswave Products has the ideal functional solution for you – a bathroom that is overflowing with contemporary style complimenting old-world charm!. 

Beyond bathrooms, our patented CLICK DRAIN ® modular drainage system has been used for driveways, landscaping, civil and commercial projects, and even pool drainage for our clients in Petrie Terrace. It is popular because it is suited for use for longer stretches or where there are angles and inclusions of sump boxes is required. As well as flexibility, this innovative system feature click-together technology, making installation a walk in the park(lands)!

We believe that function and design are equally important. Reach out to us if you want to know more about how we can assist you with the following solutions that add a luxe touch to your project, while giving you the functionality you need: 

  • Threshold drainage systems for balconies
  • Residential linear grates
  • Strip drains for bathrooms
  • Threshold free showers
  • Driveway and pool grates 

Reasons to Choose Auswave

Our Australian-made products are customisable and tailor-made to suit your exact needs. No matter what size your project is, we can cater for it.  Safety and quality are our top priorities. Every item is, therefore, tested for safety to meet the highest safety standards. 

Want a Quote? 

Auswave is happy to assist with any of your questions and queries. Whether you’re looking for advice on your design, a specific product, or want a quote, we are ready to assist. We can offer you top class heelguard wedgewire grating and drainage solutions to suit any project in Petrie Terrace.  

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