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The converted warehouses and industrial vibe of Newstead are a natural fit for the stainless steel heelguard wedgewire grating solutions we offer. In fact, Auswave is your go-to source for grating, bathroom drainage and other custom items if you need grating and drainage systems in Newstead. 

Our team of designers and staff, with decades of experience in the industry between us, can provide you with superior solutions for your design needs and quality is guaranteed. You’ll work with our top design team, who can assist with CAD designs based on your vision, whether it’s an entrance mat for an apartment or a steel staircase in a loft. 

When it comes to grating, Auswave Products has got you covered. We use stainless steel heelguard wedgewire in most of our designs, a desirable material for its strength,  durability and aesthetic qualities.

Have you heard about Auswave Products’ patented modular drainage system CLICK DRAIN®? This innovative system, with its snap-together technology, offers you design flexibility and easy installation for tricky jobs like driveways or rooms with awkward edges. 

Our Services

Auswave’s speciality is custom work. Here is a sample of the nature of our product range:

Threshold Drainage Systems 

Traditionally, door thresholds feature a “step down” or over to prevent water flowing from balconies (or other outdoor/wet spaces), into internal/dry spaces. Threshold drains allow the removal of such physical and visual barriers by creating a flush line of drainage at the door line. Interested? Contact us to find out more!

Entrance Mats

All of our heelguard entrance mats are easy to maintain, durable, and stylish! We have a mat for every entrance that will set your building apart from the rest in Newstead.

Drainage Solutions 

Our slip-resistant grates are perfect for public sidewalks, parking lots, water features, and more.

Home Custom Solutions

You want your bathroom to be uniquely yours, so why not choose the best products for the job? We offer elegant drainage solutions that can be found in some of Newstead’s most exceptional homes. Seamless and luxurious, choose from a variety of finishes to make your bathroom truly special.

Why Choose Us? 

With decades of experience in the industry and a stellar reputation to boot, you can’t afford not to. We’re ready to serve your design needs with our expertise, whatever you come up with.

You’re in good hands with Auswave. We’re an Australian company, and we know how to make products suited to the Australian environment. All of our products are certified by the necessary safety standards groups.

Get in Touch Today! 

Our team is experts at stainless steel grates. We take pride in our work and have built a reputation for professionalism and quality. 

Our team is dedicated to providing the absolute best service to our clients, and isn’t that what you want? Give us a call if you need help with anything; we promise to take care of you. We’re here for architects, civil engineers, landscapers, and builders in Newstead.

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Wheelchair compliant AS1428.2 (part 2 clause 9C)

Cycle safe AS 3996 (clause 3.3.6)

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