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Mitchelton is a quiet and leafy suburb in Brisbane with homes full of character. Auswave Products has worked with some of the best architects, landscapers, and engineers on housing projects in Brisbane suburbs, just like Mitchelton. We have more than 15 years of experience under our belt, and we continue to supply the Australian market with the best drain and grating solutions.

Our excellent team of highly experienced designers is behind much of our success. Our designers work closely with our clients to create custom solutions to meet their project’s exact needs. Do you have a specific vision in mind? Our team will create designs for you that will bring your vision to life.

Auswave Products: Drainage, Grating, and More

Auswave collaborates with homeowners, architects, landscapers, engineers, and developers to create world-class architecture. Our custom-made products will complement and enhance your home or business design in Mitchelton. Our architectural stainless steel grating is made from 304 or 316-grade stainless steel. Our products are designed to withstand the local climate, so you know you will  receive durable products with Auswave.

Get in touch with us if you’re in Mitchelton and looking for the following solutions:

Threshold Drainage Systems 

If accessibility is an issue, then threshold drainage systems are for you! This innovative drainage system will help you achieve a level surface between your indoor and outdoor areas, doing away with the traditional raised door frame in favour of a sleek linear drain. We  create custom solutions to meet the exact design of your doorway.

Auswave Entry Mats:

Our entrance mats are durable, low-maintenance, and stylish! What more do you need? Fabricated from stainless steel heelguard grating, our mats that will give an impressive first impression at your entrance.

Linear Grate Solutions:

When looking for an effective way to drain water, you should consider linear drains. Linear drains consist of long channels, allowing them to collect water along the length of the channel, rather than at a singular point. At Auswave, our stainless steel drainage grates are suitable for more than just  bathrooms, we also supply linear grates for outdoor and high use public spaces also. We offer a range of styles to fit your needs and visual requirements.

Our Unique CLICK DRAIN® System

Have you heard about our patented CLICK DRAIN® system? CLICK DRAIN® is a modular design, which offers more design flexibility and easy installation. CLICK DRAIN® is especially useful in difficult situations, such as angles, sump box inclusions, and driveways.

Why Choose Us for Your Mitchelton Project?

1. Our products are manufactured in Australia for the Australian market. 

2. We test all our products for safety, and we meet bike safety standards. 

3. We adhere to Australian and New Zealand load standards and ASSDA guidelines.
PLUS, we specialise in producing custom solutions. At Auswave, we understand that no project is ever precisely the same, which is why we fo

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