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Are you working on a bathroom renovation project or a new build in Grange? We’re excited to invite homeowners and architects to contact Auswave Products to learn more about our quality stainless steel drain and grating solutions for residential and commercial building and landscaping projects. 

Auswave Products designs bespoke products that use stainless steel heelguard material as the primary ingredient. We can custom design a product for your specific requirements from the initial brainstorming to the final installation.

The family-friendly suburb of Grange boasts many beautiful weatherboard houses. Whether you are the owner of a heritage home or need a threshold and balcony solution for your apartment, Auswave Products will work with you to design the most efficient and stylish grating or drainage solution. 

Auswave Products in Grange, Brisbane

We offer a wide range of custom solutions to accommodate your individual needs. Check out these examples of the what we offer clients in Grange:

Threshold Drainage Solutions:

Water getting indoors causes big problems. Besides accidents like slips and falls, long-term pooled water can create cracks in the structural integrity of a space. Threshold drains solve that problem. Integrated into the door track, our threshold drains will keep water out and make sure you have a smooth transition between the two spaces. 

Linear Grate Solutions: 

One of the more overlooked decisions when it comes to home improvement is choosing a drain. It may not occur to many homeowners that they have many different types of drains to choose from. This is an important choice because it can be both stylish and highly functional. Linear drains are a great way to capture water from showers and control the flow. They are easy to install and look neater than traditional grates. Linear drains can be placed against a wall, near the shower entrance, or under a bench for a clean, streamlined style. Get in touch to find out more about bathroom grates, tile inserts and our other solutions that help you achieve a design edge. 

The CLICK DRAIN® System:

The CLICK DRAIN® drainage system offers a smooth and seamless finish that always looks great in any environment. Made to Australian standards, you can be guaranteed that you’re getting a durable product with a luxury finish. Each component of the CLICK DRAIN® has been carefully considered to ensure maximal efficiency and high quality. The system  is versatile and practical because it can be customised and installed in many situations.

Entry Mats: 

We design modern and chic entrance mats incorporating the latest heelguard wedgewire grating. This material is easy to maintain, durable and adds a cool modern touch to your entrance. Give us a call to design the perfect mat for your building and make it more welcoming.

Why Choose Auswave Products?

Our team has a wealth of experience building custom drainage solutions for everything from shower drains, swimming pools, outdoor areas, bathrooms, and commercial projects. Auswave Products is a proudly Australian company owned and run by Australians. Safety and quality are our top priorities. We test all our products for safety and meet Australian safety standards. Our reputation for reliability speaks for itself. 

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