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With new and exciting developments in Everton Park, architects and homeowners are turning to Auswave Products for our superior drain and grating solutions. We have been supplying the Brisbane architectural market with custom drainage solutions for over 15 years. Over the years, Auswave has worked with top architects, landscape designers, and civil engineers on residential and commercial buildings throughout Brisbane. Our extensive portfolio includes houses, complexes, and residential projects in Everton Park. Our products are primarily based on heelguard wedgewire grating, making them robust and reliable.

Although we specialise in designing custom systems for our clients, we also have ready-made solutions available. Looking for something specific for your construction project in Everton Park? Our brilliant team can design a unique solution to fit your project’s exact needs. We have high-quality 304 and 316 stainless steel products.

Services and Solutions from Auswave Products

Whether you are a homeowner, architect, or civil engineer working on a construction project in Everton Park, our team can help you find the best drainage and grating solution for your project. Here are some of the solutions we offer our customers in Everton Park:

Threshold Drainage Solutions:

Create a seamless and level transition between your indoor and outdoor space with our threshold drainage systems. This is a great-looking and effective solution to prevent water from getting indoors. Water damage is a severe problem that can lead to structural issues over time. Threshold drains can prevent this by keeping water out of your home. Our threshold drains are designed to fit seamlessly into your door track, keeping your home dry and protecting it from water damage.

Linear Grate Solutions: 

There are many different drains for homeowners to choose from, each with benefits. Linear drains, for example, are a great way to catch water from showers and control runoff. They are easy to install and look neater than traditional grates. Tile inserts are another option, which can add a touch of style to your bathroom while still being extremely functional. Contact us to learn more about our various solutions to help you achieve your dream design.

Entry Mats: 

Whether you are looking for an entrance mat for an office or an apartment building, we have mats that will enhance your project. We can also create a unique design that will complement the look of your structure. We have high-quality stainless steel mats made from heelguard wedgewire grating, Our entrance mats are durable, easy to clean and low maintenance.


The innovative CLICK DRAIN® system offers the most effortless installation due to its modular design. CLICK DRAIN® is the best solution for long stretches, such as driveways, and complex assemblies, such as angles and inclusions of sumps.

Reasons to Choose Us in Everton Park

Auswave is an Australian-owned and operated company. Our products are manufactured and developed with Australian weather conditions in mind. Safety and quality are the most important things for us. Therefore, all of our products are safety tested and meet the highest safety standards for Australia. Auswave Products is also fully certified for Australian bicycle safety standards.

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