Bathroom Floor Drains

Why You Need a Bathroom Floor Drain

A bathroom should be a place of relaxation. Wash the day away, get ready for a night out or spend an evening (glass of wine in hand) soaking tired muscles in the bath. But bathrooms mean water and that water needs to go somewhere before it becomes a messy, smelly and dangerous problem. It’s a drain, we know. Good floor drains quite literally make that problem disappear.

Bathroom Drains Behaving Badly

Inadequate or poorly installed drainage causes blockages and pose numerous health risks. Without proper drainage in areas where water is abundant, or anywhere that overflow can occur (such as laundries and toilet floor traps) wastewater can pool, or spill into other parts of the house. Where water pools, bacteria grows, and continuous damp leads to increased mould and humidity, creating the perfect environment for dust mites to thrive—not your goal as a homeowner, we’re guessing. Persistent water also creates a safety risk from slips and falls, wears down surfaces and can lead to rot, rust, termites and eventually, structural failure.

Linear Bathroom Floor Grates – the Answer to Your Plumbing Prayers

Linear drainage, AKA trench or channel drainage, consists of a single channel that is flush with the ground and collects water along its length. Unlike point drains, which need central placement for the water to slope to them from four sides, linear drains can require only a single gradient fall, meaning they can be installed along the edge of a space, blending seamlessly with the floor surface and offering a more comfortable, practical and aesthetically pleasing experience. Their easy installation saves you time and money, and their level nature eliminates the need for shower curbs, making them accessible to all. While centralised drains are easily blocked, the length of a linear bathroom drain means that water flow is evenly distributed, and can also facilitate the flow of water from multiple showerheads. Without shower curbs, there’s also less to clean, which is never a bad thing

Linear Bathroom Floor Grates by Auswave Products

At Auswave, our drainage grates are customisable to suit your purposes, and we offer a range of styles and finishes. Our grates are available in wedgewire, perforated pattern (pressed metal), or as tile inserts. Stainless steel is durable enough to withstand the rigours of everyday use, requires minimal cleaning or maintenance, and is non-corrosive—making it perfect for bathrooms as soap, shampoo and shower gel won’t tarnish or rust the surface. Our floor drains are also available with a strainer basket, keeping the drains clear and ensuring nothing untoward ends up in our waterways.

Auswave Products for Stainless Steel Bathroom Floor Drains

Auswave’s drainage products are made from the finest quality ASSDA accredited stainless steel, and their sleek looks coupled with immense functionality integrate perfectly into any bathroom setting. Our drains comply with Australian floor waste standards, and we are committed to providing our customers with durable, easy to clean and elegant products at affordable prices

Whether you’re a builder, designer or home renovator, contact us today to see how we can help you create simple, effective and good-looking bathroom drainage solutions!

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