Slip Resistant Stainless Steel Grating

Safety is an ever increasing concern in the litigious society that we live in. Thanks to our grates, you can breathe a sigh of relief when it comes to slip resistant flooring solutions!

Slip resistant stainless steel grating can be used in areas where surfaces can potentially be slippery and also a lot of movement is required. This makes them ideal for workplaces, where not only are slippery surfaces a safety hazard, they can also slow movement down, thus reducing productivity.

We supply wedge wire HEELGUARD slip resistant grating for a variety of safe flooring and walk surfaces, including walk bridges and walkways, platforms, ramps, stair treads and so forth.

Non-Slip Grating Applications

Anti-slip steel grating is primarily used on flooring surfaces where there is an inherent risk of slipping and falling, especially in damp or wet conditions.

Our slip resistant grating can be used in industrial facilities that are damp, wet, or oily, be it on the factory floor or the loading dock.

Slip resistant grates are also a practical solution for a broad range of other environments, particularly those with heavy pedestrian traffic. For example:

Wet Public Spaces
Public spaces where there is a lot of water –  think public pools, water parks, around water features and fountains.

High Foot Traffic Areas
In terms of risk management, many buildings that are open to the public have anti-slip grate flooring as well as stairs, ramps, and walkways. These include schools, hospitals, shopping malls and lifestyle centres.

Additionally, non slip grates are also the perfect choice for busy commercial kitchens, particularly in the dish washing area.

Why Choose our Slip Resistant Grating?

There are many varieties of non-slip flooring, including metal gratings, so why choose our slip resistant grates? Here’s why!

Unlike solid varieties of non-slip flooring, our stainless steel slip resistant grates allow water to pass freely through, meaning there won’t be any pooled water to discolour the adjacent surface. Similarly, fine debris is also able to pass through.

Compared with other varieties of grating materials, our wedge wire stainless steel slip resistant grating is:

  • Long lasting
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Low maintenance
  • Hygienic and easy to clean
  • Easy to install
  • Strong
  • Heel safe and wheelchair friendly
  • Attractive

Our wedge wire HEELGUARD grates provide an enduring, slip resistant surface, ensuring the safety of its users. Whether they are applied in factories or public spaces, with our grates you can ensure people are sufficiently protected against accidents and injuries from slips.

Our slip resistant grating is widely available in a variety of shapes and forms. Consult with our team to discuss your project needs.

Heelguard Keeping Heels Safe - Civil Grate and Frame

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