Swimming Pool Drainage Grates Brisbane

Key Drainage Considerations When Installing a Swimming Pool

Looking to upgrade your makeshift splashing pool to something more permanent? Don’t let that balmy Brisbane weather motivate you too soon before considering the important matter of swimming pool drainage grates. While it may seem simple in theory, there are a number of important considerations to ensure that you don’t make hasty decisions that will cost you both headaches and expense in the long-run.

Before installing an in-ground pool, heating and filtration systems need to be considered, and you must have a detailed knowledge of them before you can truly build and maintain a pool. There is usually one drain at the bottom of the pool which must be covered by a high quality grate to keep your pool safe and hygienic. Additionally, many pools have grating running parallel to catch overflow, keeping the pool safe and hygienic, while also helping to keep the pool area clean.

Why Do You Need Swimming Pool Drainage Grates?

There are two reasons that drainage system are essential to your pool. Firstly, so that the pool can be drained in the cooler months, or should the pool become contaminated with toxic substances. Secondly, for filtration, keeping your pool clean and free from oil, dirt, insects, leaf matter and other such unwanted substances.

Drainage systems are integral, without them your pool will not be clean! Furthermore, emptying a pool without a drain system requires the purchase or rental of a pump

Grates are vital for your drains, preventing swimmers from being sucked into the drain and held underwater. So, while a drain is essential, so too is the grating for user safety.

With a variety of designs available, contact our team of experts to find out which will suit your pool. For more information, check out our page on pool grating.

Parallel Grating Pool-Side

Though most commonly seen at public pools, parallel grates are a clever inclusion beside a domestic pool as well. Not only do they assist with filtration like other drains do, but provide a number of additional benefits.

When used along the edge of your pool, parallel grating catches overflow and filters it back into your pool, keeping your deck drier and your pool fuller. Additionally, parallel grating provides a slip-resistant surface, helping to prevent injury.

Alike other drains, grating also catches debris, helping to keep your pool cleaner. Also, if you’ve concerns about skin abrasions, rest assured, parallel grating is comfortable to the touch.

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