Stainless Steel Grates for Public Spaces

Stainless Steel Grates for Public Spaces

Cities are frequently judged by the quality of their public spaces, arguably, maybe even defined by them – What would New York be without Central Park, Melbourne without Federation Square, or Brisbane without Southbank?

In some cases these iconic parks and precincts have become so organically, although more often than not they are the result of some solid research and town planning.

The role of public spaces is by no means overlooked by authorities, and indeed urban renewal projects are frequently employed to transform once tired or even unsavoury urban spaces into locations that people want to frequent, engage with, and even make part of their daily routine.

So what do Stainless Steel Grates have to do with public spaces?

Among the numerous requirements of municipal spaces (topping the list perhaps the relatively abstract concept of ambience) is that they be attractive, comfortable and user friendly. Stainless steel grates can be applied in various ways to meet these requirement – beyond mere functionality.

How Can Stainless Steel Grates Be Utilised in Public Spaces?

Really this comes down to the nature of the precinct that is be created, be it a park, a square, a lane way, or something altogether different. In any case, the applications are vast!

Drainage Grates:

The most obvious of applications. Stainless steel linear heelguard grates can be used in numerous ways to ensure a functional space by creating well drained pavements, public toilets and beyond.

Among the many benefits of our heelguard grates are that they provide excellent drainage of runoff and storm water, are friendly for heels, wheels, and paws, and by no means compromise on aesthetics.

Water Features:

Water is a common element of both Western and Eastern landscape design. Many a public space include some variety of water feature, be it a fountain, a pond, or even an urban “beach” or “waterfall”. Stainless steel grates can be used simply as a drainage product for water features, or a core element, such as being a material for artistic structures in water features, or be paired with led lights to create stunning water and light shows (see more on grate lights)..

Street Art:

There is a place for ephemeral art, however, something a little more permanent is usually required for artistic installations in urban precincts. While there are undoubtedly a plethora of weather-hardy materials for outdoor art, stainless steel grates are certainly one of the newer options, with unique light catching qualities that can be utilised for arts sake!

Street Furniture:

The prettiest public space in the world is likely to fail without options for people to be able to comfortable sit, relax, and eat, hence the necessity of street furniture.

Stainless steel grates (or perforated stainless steel), can be used to construct benches, tables and beyond. Furthermore, at Auswave Product we are also able to supply custom stainless steel hand rails and bollards.

Stainless steel is the ideal material for outdoor furnishings, providing a durable and corrosion resistant material that does not require the ongoing maintenance (for example, re-coating, painting or oiling) of other material choices.

Stairs and Walk Bridges:

Stainless steel heelguard grates are the ideal material for outdoor stairswalkways and bridges. The material is durable, has excellent strength to weight properties, and is corrosion, temperature, and chemical resistant. Our heelguard style grating, while allowing for excellent drainage, is constructed of narrow enough grills thus ensuring that heels, paws, fingers and other small objects cannot become lodged. Furthermore it is a wheelchair friendly medium – an important consideration given the growing concerns for accessibility.

Stainless steel heelguard grates are also available in a slip resistant finish if required.

Looking for Stainless Steel Grates for Your Municipal Project?

If you are looking for stainless steel grates for your urban development / beautification project, or are yet researching the options before you, do not hesitate to give us a call. With extensive experience in the drainage industry and a wealth of experience in such projects, we can help you determine the best solutions for your needs.

Rather than offering an out of the box solution, we specialise in custom fabrications and can help you materialise your visions!

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